Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Well done old man!

(If you can’t read this, give it to one of those maids)

Have you already grown epic beard and are you hanging out with your cool 100 year old tattooed friends?

If you haven’t bought a new leather jacket and alligator skin boots, now it’s a time!

I can only be amazed about the fact that you still breath.
Your unique way of living should ended you in so many radical ways past years but no.

Just take the guitar and jaw-harp with you and don’t ever let anyone slow you down.

You probably don’t do tattoos anymore, but damn that was a long and good run.
Be happy about how beautiful body you will leave some day.

Your kids have started retirement days, so if you did not feel old, then FEEL OLD!

You have always been special, stay that way.

Don’t forget to smile old timer, I think it still confuses people.

Keep on rocking!

Yours. Jay (younger version)