What is your favorite type of weather?


No doubt about it..

Where I live, there is freezing weather almost half of the year.

Summer is really short, normally month or two.

When heatwave comes here, people go nuts in a blink.

Every beach is full of sun bathers, swimmers and happy campers.

River is swarming from people who are fishing and water skiing.

I spend most of my time outside, just hanging around.
If there is not millions of mosquitoes, I also tend to sleep outdoors.

I don’t even cook indoors, if there is a chance to do it outside.

So for conclusion:

“Hotter it gets, happier I am”

Yours. “Sun bather” Jay

Life is a lesson, you’ll learn it when you’re trough..


Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

This one got me thinking and I wanted to answer something corny like, Mom, Grandma etc.. but when we talk about a teacher who is most influential, must say the brother who has shown me the way of making tattoos.

When I started tattooing, I’ve already had a lot of tattoos in my skin, so I was quite good of taking care of the tattoos.

I remember well the first things that I had to learn before even first tattoo.

He showed me the ways how to build machine and how to fix them, changing part and tuning techniques.
Simply how to change parts and what is the purpose of every small part.
I was struggling first, but mechanical stuff is something that I understand quite easily.

Sure, it took few months and some money to get in the point where you actually have a machine that works nicely for you.

Next step was to using different needles and tips..

After all this I started to learn what kind of medical things you have to know, when you’re working with blood and “open wounds”..
Cleaning and sterilization of the equipment was crucial in the process.

After these steps we moved into stencils and how to use those in tattooing.

I had to watch many hours tattooing videos and many times I sat behind listening and taking notes, when my teacher was making tattoos to clients.

After all this, I finally got to the point where I could test tattooing.

Many steps in the learning process and I’m still learning, no matter how small, simple or familiar the work is… I find myself learning a lot.

So this teacher has been the most influential teacher by mile.

Tattoos have changed my life for good and I’m so happy that our roads crossed years back.

All my love to my teacher and brother!

Yours. Jay

What is one word that describes you?

—— W E I R D O ——


That’s the one I have been described countless times.
I have magical talent to change everything looking like I own it.

Notebooks, clothes, tattoos, laptops, instruments, colorful scarfs, stamps, skulls, chains, stickers, decals.
Just about everything I own is filled with all colorful kooky things.

You can describe me as: Hippie-Boho-Punk-Rocker.

My love to shining jewelry and clothes, hopefully never fades away.

I have always carried my unique style and just love it!

Many things I do, ain’t no mainstream and sometimes even eye catching.
Believe me or not, but mainly elderly people approaches for a chat and I have always time for stories.

Me being myself has carried me over difficult times, so many times.

Always I have been living the way what suits me the best way possible.

Never I wanted to be in situations, where I have to say myself: “I should done that…”
Entering the conferess.

Always remember to life as you are, don’t try to be something else.

And don’t care about others saying if you feel good.

Let the haters hate and be proudly yourself!

Hold your head high people!

Yours. Jay
(Artist of fakin everything)

Traveling with (No Co2)


You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

E-Scooter (cross-country) version
Ermm———“bike” is my choice.

I’ve bought this electric beast for traveling around the Arctic Circle.

It has 1000kW engine and the maximum speed is 25km/h.

I have solar power plant on my ranch, so every time when I’m loading my battery, it is absolute free.

Range is 35-40km with full battery and extra battery in my backpack that has 30km range.

I have only driven for four months, because freezing weather and snow came at November and had to store it for the winter time.

Still at October 1000km on the road was behind.

Fishing trips, hobbies, mushroom hunting, tripping around and of course moving to work and back.

Best part is the cross-country attribute.
You can go driving in the forest with absolutely “stealth-mode” on… no one can hear you, when moving like a wind in the forest.
Mushroom hunter


There is also one cool feature in this E-scooter.

Remote control anti theft system, that gives LOUD alarm when touched, quite handy when you’ll need to stop somewhere, like grocery shopping.

Good thing about electric vehicle like this, is that you can drive the same roads with the bicycles.

Also, no need for registering because it’s not scooter.

I have done so many sightseeing routes, photo sessions etc. in the wilderness with this beautiful machine.

Recommend for all who likes to take short trips without awful noise around.

Silence is golden in this loud world.

Yours. Jay

How would you rate your confidence level?

Sir yes sir…!

As a dad for three kiddos, something has changed a lot.

Confidence for doing something you’re not good at, comes naturally in time.

Parenthood has is probably the most effective way to learn things, you’ve never thought doing.

For example:
Acting as Father Christmas aka Santa, in your house while pretending that you must take a evening walk.
Rate of confidence is way high, when your act is SO POWERFUL that kids don’t recognize you, even when I’m clearly using my own voice and clothes.
Only beard is white and classes red.

Another example:
You just have to be professional Lego builder or hair maker for dolls.
There ain’t no room for error.
In my opinion parenthood has build up my rating in confidence and it has influenced my whole behavior.

Also, I have found my self fixing all those broken toys in ways you can’t even imagine!
Hopefully this answers the question.
My rate of confidence, is in the scale of 1-10 maybe around hundred.


Yours. Jay

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Mushroom hunting and fishing!

Both of these activities are perfect for adventure seeker.

If you first enjoy fishing under the midnight sun.

Then when the days go shorter and autumn arrives, it’s time to fill your basket with some delicious mushrooms.

Nature floor has taken so much of my time..
Perfect place to find yourself

I can spend hours, without a catch..

Sunny day at the hidden paradise

Just moment before the rain.
Actually rainy days at summer time are great for fishing.

Sure you’ll have to have some sort of clothes to keep you warm or bonfire.

Mainly fish are scared about sound and movement you make, but with small rain they are easier to catch.

I don’t know, this might be just me babbling..

Mushroom hunting

Organic healthy food is there to collect..

Sure you’ll have to know what you are taking, because most of mushrooms are poisonous.
There is also those “copier-clone-mimic-mushrooms” which make this forest flooring activity, bit dangerous..

Just stay sharp and be careful.
Like asked, these two activities takes so much of my time.

Later peeps.

Yours. Jay

Are you superstitious?

If you count “bad juju” in, then yes!

For some weird reason, many things has gone sideways lately.

I don’t like to call myself petty, because I’ve got pretty tough skin.

Every little small thing and bigger things bugged me lately.

Feels like I have some sort of curse on me.

Reasonable me is saying: “it’s just tough luck” but no, I believe this is something else.

Probably crashed to Gremlins on the road last summer, or someone is really mad at me about something.


Although, it feels like this many years just bad luck is not possible.

Still on the other news, every time when I see wishing star, or clock time 11.11…

I will whisper my wishes on the air.

Yours. Jay

Trust me, it’s bad JUJU!