Traveling with (No Co2)


You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

E-Scooter (cross-country) version
Ermm———“bike” is my choice.

I’ve bought this electric beast for traveling around the Arctic Circle.

It has 1000kW engine and the maximum speed is 25km/h.

I have solar power plant on my ranch, so every time when I’m loading my battery, it is absolute free.

Range is 35-40km with full battery and extra battery in my backpack that has 30km range.

I have only driven for four months, because freezing weather and snow came at November and had to store it for the winter time.

Still at October 1000km on the road was behind.

Fishing trips, hobbies, mushroom hunting, tripping around and of course moving to work and back.

Best part is the cross-country attribute.
You can go driving in the forest with absolutely “stealth-mode” on… no one can hear you, when moving like a wind in the forest.
Mushroom hunter


There is also one cool feature in this E-scooter.

Remote control anti theft system, that gives LOUD alarm when touched, quite handy when you’ll need to stop somewhere, like grocery shopping.

Good thing about electric vehicle like this, is that you can drive the same roads with the bicycles.

Also, no need for registering because it’s not scooter.

I have done so many sightseeing routes, photo sessions etc. in the wilderness with this beautiful machine.

Recommend for all who likes to take short trips without awful noise around.

Silence is golden in this loud world.

Yours. Jay