Ice ice fishing baby!

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One of the most favorit activities in this freezing country, at winter time is: ice fishing.

Sounds silly right?

When spring starts on the north side of the Arctic Circle, it’s finally time to enjoy those fun activities.

Why now? Well, because sun starts to shine and below the zero weather turns on the warmer side.

Mornings and nights are still cold (-15C°) but on the bright side, days are getting warmer. (+5C°) because of the sun.
Ice drill
There is one pretty important tool, in this operation and it’s the ice drill.
In Finland it’s called “kaira” don’t know why.

There is a Finnish word for drill “pora” but for some reason “kaira” is the word used.

There was about 1 meter of ice, before it’s trough the ice.

Under the ice water is not so deep, about 1 meter if you are close to the beach.

Fishing like this is quite interesting.
House fly maggots
Mainly as a bait, I use normal house fly maggots.

Earthworms are also good, but more expensive and you can’t go digging because of the frozen ground.

Looks like fishes didn’t like these red worms today, but I had fun trying.
Cold drinks
Remember to hydrate when having outdoor activities.

My choice has always been red wine, but if you like to drink your wine cold, you have to think something else.

No need to explain myself when I’m fishing like this.
Wine needs something on the side.

My choice is salted meat.
Salted and air dried
There is traditional way of making this dried meat in here Lapland.
My recipe is different, but method is same.

First I buy cows hearts about 40 kilos and clean them.
Then traditional way of salting.
There is two different styles to do it, saltwater and dry salted.

I’m using the old faithful saltwater method.

40 kg cows heart
0.8% saltwater
23 hours

After this I’m sinking everything in the spice sauce.

Last step is to cut the pieces smaller, installing the hanging ropes and leave the meats outside hanging for a 3-4 weeks.

It’s hard to describe how it tastes, but if you like beef jerky, this tastes little bit like that.

I have secret recipe for the spicy sauce and it has been hard to adjust, because you can try it once a year.

Took something like 6 years to adjust the sauce in to the perfectly balanced.

This dried cows heart and red wine are perfect match.

Works well also with beer, but this meat is not a meal because it’s so salty.
Mainly I use this snack when I want to get thirsty.

Like said, this time I did not have any catch, but suntanning on my face reminds me for the perfect afternoon.

Yours. “Fisherman’s friend” Jay


This video is for you brother!
(Finnish audio)
(BroCam) -introduce version

Snow sculptures making of!


There is two about 2 meter long logs inside this sculpture.

This slingshot will be used for shooting, so it needs to take a lot of pressure from pulling the rubber band.

Snow is one of my favorite building material.

There is many ways to make sculptures from snow, but I think the most effective way of building is to fill up a mold.

These plywood molds are so fast and fun way of making the sculptures.

Sure you must wait few days before engraving and shaping these snow blocks, but if you have time about an week, the results will amaze you.
Depression adjustment tool
Snow blocks has to be quite compact because shaping them with blades and saw, can cause collapsing and EPIC failure.
Ready for dismantling


As a sculpting material, snow has really different attribute than clay.

There is way of making unbelievable art from snow, but you have to be really careful.

There is no shortcut for happiness in snow sculpting.

If you are too greedy with cutting, collapse is the only result what you have.
Block to go
Living on the north side of the Arctic circle gives an advance in this hobby, because weather stays below the zero, so yeah, it’s cold…

Those blocks from the pictures are made for sculpting.

Rest is up to sculptors imagination.
When snow freezes, it turns quite tough.

But tougher it is, easier to work with.
Snowman aka Working man
When you are working outdoors in freezing weather, you need to be prepared well.

At the daytime sun is giving a nice warm touch to your cheeks, but facial hair will get frozen at the progress.

Still it’s really fun activity to do.
I think we have about 50 centimeters of snow right at the moment, so building material you have more than enough.

Every winter I’m building a snow castle for kiddos.
Sure there is a room where to make outdoor barbecue, for adults you know.
Then I carry my barbecue fireplace inside and its done.

On the bright side, if you like the cold drinks, you don’t have to make an effort to cool ‘em down.
Ready for sculptors
If you ever have an opportunity to try this art form, I really, really recommend it.

“Snow therapy” is the best kind of therapy at the winter time.

Every clay sculptor out there, GO FOR SNOW!

At the moment there is about -20C° and bit windy, so these blocks and slingshot will toughen pretty fast.

Stay warm people and cuddle yourselves.

Yours. Jay