Sealife is a lifestyle…

In to the deep blue sea..!

This one goes to one who loves sea and all around it… She had many sketches with her and all èm must be one. Shark, sunset, devil-fish, waves, turtle and everything wrapped in the seahorse tribal. To the drawing pad! This was not easy one but because she is diving in the sea for living I must dive to the paper with my pen. Gotta love those people who has that surf-attitude even little, me? nope.. Been diving keys from the bottom of public pool but that’s all, only sea where i have been swimming is Norwegian sea and that was so frigging cold…


Awesome details to do, every tiny spot needs to be in the right place. Gotta think every move so stencil won’t go off. Place set and it`s ready to go.. Had to wait some time before starting so it gets dry enough.


Here we go!

(7Round liner) and (9Round shader) only ones to use in this one. I started from the left side and made it from left to right just like a printer so i didn’t rub off the stencil when working. Really fun to do and place was good to operate, stretching was easy and everything goes smoothly. Painful area i think but not in the “pass-out” zone, not even close.

What I learned?

Next time when doing picture like this, with many details I will use even more liner… Stronger stencil stuff must be made because “rubbing off” was the main problem.

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