Something for him and something for her…

Skin Art, Tattoos

Marriage dates…

Cool idea for couple who was getting married, 22.11.2013 was the date and they both liked dark blue. Fresh and cool I think, first it was meant to be bigger for him and smaller for her but when she saw it ready, decision was made..


Easy to see why, it looks rad and think how cool it`s to have matching tattoo with your love ones. Normally i would prefer smaller size with dates/names but this was close to perfection. Of course the place is nice and picture is “open” so in future there is change to add something more, like backgrounds, shades etc…

Working on this tattoo

Behind of the calf is one of my new favourite body part  to work because it`s easy to strech. You can see whole area and “Inked-one” is in good position all the time. She had thing going on with pain and that was the main reason why she took tattoo anesthetic spray before session. All colours were mixed on the flow just eye sight.. First leg was made from stencil and next one “freehanded” using first one as model. Sounds tricky eh? Well it was, if I would know that both wants the same pic, I would definitely used the same stencil. Lots of black shades were used because they wanted dark blue. (7Round liner) and (13Flat shader) were only needles I did used to make these two, colour mixing was the hardest part and copying that other leg from earlier pic… my luck was that I did draw the first one and remembered all small things.



Not so hard thing to do and transfer to skin, place was easy and only outlines I draw. One shot and it was good. I also marked those shades with yellow Sharpie so it was bit easier to make. So called “memory shades” I prefer to say. Some vaseline to the surface and we are ready to go!

What did I learn?

Surprise, surprise tattoo anesthetic spay made tattoo healing process three weeks longer than usual… THREE WEEKS!?!? Dafuq is that? She had tattoos before and only this time it was taking long six weeks to heal. Earlier tattoos she was took didn’t take that much time, but she didn’t use anesthetic at those… So my conclusion is: I`m never going to tattoo anyone who uses that spray again… EVER! Other thing was that don’t lose those stencils or sketches if there is even small change that you have to use it again. Tattoos match pretty well but it`s not reflection from the other one… Who cares, those two looks so awesome and hey… they are still married!

Tattoos LOVE is all we need, thanks for your time… To the studio!

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