Skin Art, Tattoos

Round and round it goes..

Somewhere must be started, first those cherry skulls..


What a beautiful flash this was. So nice to work on this piece. Old school look-alike with some small background colour drops. Colours worked perfectly on this and no need to twist em at all. Rock `n`roll attitude and music will be the header idea of this sleeve area so here we go…


Not bad to make, strong outlines like old school this kind pictures usually have. Simple to Place in arm and no shades were marked.

Making of this Project STEP.1

Stencil was marked on the skin and colours mixed. I made outlines with (9Round shader) and it worked pretty well I think. maybe (12Round Liner) would do the same but this will do for now. (9MG Shader) was todays choice for colours because picture was still bit small and tight. (9Round shader) must be used again on those paintdrops behind the cherryskulls and so I did. colour mixing was still the hardest part but it went well.

Diving bird


Next part was old school stylish diving bird. there can always be rock `n` roll but where’s the bird..? Havent you heard about the bird?!?


Simple thing to do but… there’s always a “but”... those black areas! Feathers are driving me nuts, you can’t just colour it and marking those small points is difficult. my decision: I`m gunna “swoop” those from my head and only outlines i did draw to stencil.

Making of this Project STEP.2

Background cherry skulls, something what matches with other side he says… hmm. Notes? umm.. let’s try something radical…



Some sort stencil was made… lines and turns and stuff like that you know.. Mostly “freehand” sharpie was only right way to make this happen.


Bird got details at the same time when I made those lines for background.. It`s building up slowly but will be rock `n`roll attitude in the end, i`m 100% sure about that.


Still so much stuff to do and far end of this background is… *Ta-Dum-TSS* clef! Beginning of this musical mess we`re about to finish some day.


Do I even know whats going on and did I learn something?

Yes, and I did! So many things was going on and SO many different styles i had to use. Mixing my “greywash” for example I just simply did it on the flow with black tribal ink (INTENZE) and cup of H2O. Needle to the ink-cup and dipping to the water mug to get the perfect tone for moment. BOOM!


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