Join to the dark side. . .

Skin Art, Tattoos

Epic Sleeve project begins…

Star wars has so many fans around the globe and on came to me. Lord Vader he wants and that’s were we start. In Future we will add some more cool Star Wars stuff like Death star, Tie fighter, sandpeople etc… It will be Dark side theme probably in whole sleeve.

Making of. . .

Small changes had to do. lightsaber were twisting too much to left and place needed to go more to the center. Original pic was good but sword hand had to change. Now it stands straight and will be great starting place for this big Star Wars theme sleeve. (7Flat shader and 9Round shader) were used during this project. Only color is black, hint of white and green to the details… Sure there was one “Wow-Factor” in this work and that’s so called black light ink, red was this color and I added it to the lightsaber, glow in front of vader, buttons in suit, that’s it.. All the rest is black!

Place to tat was good to work because streching is easy on this area, shading was hard thing to do and  this close to wrist it’s kind painful after short while.

What I learned. . ?

After this one I know so many things… Stencil is definitely most important part of this and marking all those black places matters most.

“Don’t underestimate the power of the dark side”

Thats all for now… C-Ya!

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