What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?

It’s simple OLLI.. 
There was an old story that grandpa told me.

This name used to be our family’s surname WAY BACK, in the time when there was no red onions and all those rainbows were black and white.

Some of these great great great great uncles got SO MAD to the people with OLLI surname, that he changed it for good.

I’m from this new surname line of relatives but that OLLI name still moves around the name of men.
My fathers first name was OLLI, so you get the picture.

Story long short, it’s long lasting hate between the people.

Other countries name OLLI is “Gender-Sex-universal” -name which means “olive branch” Also there is variants: OLI, OLLIE,OLLY… I think…

To Finland it’s variant from Viking names: OLOF and OLLE

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