How would you rate your confidence level?

Sir yes sir…!

As a dad for three kiddos, something has changed a lot.

Confidence for doing something you’re not good at, comes naturally in time.

Parenthood has is probably the most effective way to learn things, you’ve never thought doing.

For example:
Acting as Father Christmas aka Santa, in your house while pretending that you must take a evening walk.
Rate of confidence is way high, when your act is SO POWERFUL that kids don’t recognize you, even when I’m clearly using my own voice and clothes.
Only beard is white and classes red.

Another example:
You just have to be professional Lego builder or hair maker for dolls.
There ain’t no room for error.
In my opinion parenthood has build up my rating in confidence and it has influenced my whole behavior.

Also, I have found my self fixing all those broken toys in ways you can’t even imagine!
Hopefully this answers the question.
My rate of confidence, is in the scale of 1-10 maybe around hundred.


Yours. Jay

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