What is one word that describes you?

—— W E I R D O ——


That’s the one I have been described countless times.
I have magical talent to change everything looking like I own it.

Notebooks, clothes, tattoos, laptops, instruments, colorful scarfs, stamps, skulls, chains, stickers, decals.
Just about everything I own is filled with all colorful kooky things.

You can describe me as: Hippie-Boho-Punk-Rocker.

My love to shining jewelry and clothes, hopefully never fades away.

I have always carried my unique style and just love it!

Many things I do, ain’t no mainstream and sometimes even eye catching.
Believe me or not, but mainly elderly people approaches for a chat and I have always time for stories.

Me being myself has carried me over difficult times, so many times.

Always I have been living the way what suits me the best way possible.

Never I wanted to be in situations, where I have to say myself: “I should done that…”
Entering the conferess.

Always remember to life as you are, don’t try to be something else.

And don’t care about others saying if you feel good.

Let the haters hate and be proudly yourself!

Hold your head high people!

Yours. Jay
(Artist of fakin everything)

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