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What’s something most people don’t understand?

Midnight Sun at Arctic Circle

This is quite tricky to explain to foreign people.

In Lapland at midsummer we have this
phenomenon called: midnight sun.

People who need darkness when sleeping, can have lot of trouble getting sleep, because summertime in here is quite luminous.

Sun won’t go down, it just circles around.

At night it’s not so warm, but sun is shining.

Check these two pictures, so you can see the difference of midnight sun and afternoon sun.

If you used to live in the areas where is dark at night time, this could scramble your brains pretty good.

Afternoon sun
When you are living magical place like I do, you could think that it gets boring after a time.

Well I’ve been living here my entire life and EVERY summer still gets me stunned.

I just can’t get enough photos of this surrounding beautiful nature.

At night time I tend to go to the river canoeing just with my thoughts.
You can only hear the silence and nature calling.

Floating water is one element what I do need in my life, it makes me calm and works like some sort of drug to my inspiration.

After all these years I still find myself lost in the garden, just wondering how could I be this lucky.

So this midnight sun is one thing that I know, most of people around the globe don’t understand.

If you have a TO-DO list, visiting under the midnight sun should appear in your list.

Yours. “Dreamer” Jay

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