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If you could have something named after you, what would it be?


Think what you want, that would be awesomeness!!

I probably wouldn’t be a beach in the sunny places.

More likely a swamp or small lake next to a peaceful cottage in the middle of nowhere..
Hidden paradise
Those rare encounters with humans or wildlife would be special and the name of the place, “Swamp of Mr. Jay” or “the great lake of the Jay“ It would be something special to remember from your retreat or journey.

All the delicious cloudberries and cranberries what you would find from the swamp, and those ancient forests surrounding the area, would offer you some delicious mushroom and herbs to enjoy.

Every creature who ever encountered the lake, would have own great stories about the great lurking monster catches from the depths of the lake.

Water also would be fresh and so clean that you’ve could drink it.

After a long day, you and all the wildlife would stop in the same spot.

Calming phenomenal beach, inside the paradise.


Yours. “SwampThing” Jay

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