H2o + color + palette equals art?

Paint, painting, watercolor

Well why not, this shall be the test number 2.

Okay, I’m still kinda sure that’s y’all need a proper paper to do this.
All my paintings go all mushy and wrinkled after drying.

Maybe there is some real paper out there, have to try it someday.

In other day I was watching adventures of the Moomin family.
I think it is a family.

It’s weird how unbelievable famous this animation is here in Finland.
I don’t like it at all, but there is few cool looking characters in the show.

On the other news.

Can you believe the prices of the mugs?
Some people are paying 30-300€ and even more.

So many is collecting those ceramic mugs in their shelves.
Maybe that was the idea of Tove in the beginning, don’t know.

After the Moomin, next logical step is to watch LOTR-movie. Not sure which one of those, perhaps something in the middle.

I’ve watched LOTR animated movie when I was younger and like it a lot.

So did I like those 3 movies but, I’m not quite sure about the rest.

There is so many ways you’ll have to go and let’s face it, it’s not a galaxy like in those epic Star Wars tales… it’s one country with mountains and forest.

Yes you can move on the timeline forth and back, but those big feet heroes ain’t no more so interesting.

What’s next, the birth of Sauron..? Ugh..

Oh yes!!! VAMPIRES!!!

Finally Morbius!

I have always loved everything related with vampires.
Well not a fan of Twilight saga, but mainly everything related with blood suckers.

Big fan of lost boys, Blade, Norferatu and of course count Dragcula.

When I first time saw the fight of Morbius and Spider man, I was immediately thinking how awesome movie that would be.

Well, got the next best thing, when Morbius movie entered to the big screen.
Jared Leto is by far the best casting for the role.

This painting is actually full of mistakes, which I was trying to hide with paint.
This time my mixing technique had a gel pencils included.
It great way of adding the details.

I really should buy set of brushes for the test.
Failing test
Okay okay… before you start to laugh your ass off, let me try to explain this.

I was thinking after the “eye of Sauron” that maybe I can add little bit of those metallic colors to the painting?

Well here is a newsflash..
It work only for small tiny details, but if you use it too much, you’re screwed.

There is absolutely no way of fixing the metallic colors..
Can’t hide those spots with watercolor.

There is also that paper problem, can I make ‘em less wrinkled?

Already I have starting to think ironing afterwards, but that’s just dump ideas.

Maybe I have to make some money and visit local art store.
I have a feeling that I need more than few coins in my pocket, when entering the store.

Funny thing how the cheapest paper is not the best for painting.

Yours. “WetWetWet” Jay

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