H2o + color + palette equals art?

Paint, painting, watercolor

Well why not, this shall be the test number 2.

Okay, I’m still kinda sure that’s y’all need a proper paper to do this.
All my paintings go all mushy and wrinkled after drying.

Maybe there is some real paper out there, have to try it someday.

In other day I was watching adventures of the Moomin family.
I think it is a family.

It’s weird how unbelievable famous this animation is here in Finland.
I don’t like it at all, but there is few cool looking characters in the show.

On the other news.

Can you believe the prices of the mugs?
Some people are paying 30-300€ and even more.

So many is collecting those ceramic mugs in their shelves.
Maybe that was the idea of Tove in the beginning, don’t know.

After the Moomin, next logical step is to watch LOTR-movie. Not sure which one of those, perhaps something in the middle.

I’ve watched LOTR animated movie when I was younger and like it a lot.

So did I like those 3 movies but, I’m not quite sure about the rest.

There is so many ways you’ll have to go and let’s face it, it’s not a galaxy like in those epic Star Wars tales… it’s one country with mountains and forest.

Yes you can move on the timeline forth and back, but those big feet heroes ain’t no more so interesting.

What’s next, the birth of Sauron..? Ugh..

Oh yes!!! VAMPIRES!!!

Finally Morbius!

I have always loved everything related with vampires.
Well not a fan of Twilight saga, but mainly everything related with blood suckers.

Big fan of lost boys, Blade, Norferatu and of course count Dragcula.

When I first time saw the fight of Morbius and Spider man, I was immediately thinking how awesome movie that would be.

Well, got the next best thing, when Morbius movie entered to the big screen.
Jared Leto is by far the best casting for the role.

This painting is actually full of mistakes, which I was trying to hide with paint.
This time my mixing technique had a gel pencils included.
It great way of adding the details.

I really should buy set of brushes for the test.
Failing test
Okay okay… before you start to laugh your ass off, let me try to explain this.

I was thinking after the “eye of Sauron” that maybe I can add little bit of those metallic colors to the painting?

Well here is a newsflash..
It work only for small tiny details, but if you use it too much, you’re screwed.

There is absolutely no way of fixing the metallic colors..
Can’t hide those spots with watercolor.

There is also that paper problem, can I make ‘em less wrinkled?

Already I have starting to think ironing afterwards, but that’s just dump ideas.

Maybe I have to make some money and visit local art store.
I have a feeling that I need more than few coins in my pocket, when entering the store.

Funny thing how the cheapest paper is not the best for painting.

Yours. “WetWetWet” Jay

Watercolor my world!

After a long period of time, I found a watercolor set from the drawer.

This is art form what I don’t like to do, because there is so much waiting.

If I remember right, back in the days I used to make many paintings at the same time.
Others wet, others dry, rest of pieces between that, working process right?

It’s hard to do painting, when you have to thing forward all the time in the progress.

There is no shortcut to the dark colors.
Normally what I’m using, is Sharpies and point pens, those are easy.
If you want to make outline, you can… don’t have to wait.

Watercolor is another world of dimension.

All the technics and methods about watercolor painting, has slipped out of my memory.

Sweeping and washing techniques, has turned into just some random words in my head.

Still, I have a a feeling that painting with these were fun. Time to find a brush and give it a try.

Sure wasn’t so simple than I remembered, paint, wait, paint, wait… where’s the hair dryer?

Okay, now I have the touch… better try to do something.
Von Doom
Test number one is portrait of the Doctor Victor Von Doom. 
Why Doctor Doom you ask? Well, it’s easy to do, hood and mask, no matter how you messed it up, everyone who has ever read comics know who he is… from the colors and from the mask, easy to recognize like HULK.

No matter how much mess there is, you still can recognize him.

Started from the background and moved to the middle. Sounds easy?

Couple of major mistakes on the way and had to hide those by adding more layers after drying out.

There was so much things going on and paper was getting wet. I genuinely did not remembered how difficult this is.

At some point I found myself thinking: “Is there better brushes around?”
Well the answer is no.

Only these kindergarten brushes are available.
Have to use some pointer pens for that mask, looks like there ain’t no other way.

Moving on, let’s call this mixed technique!
Love teddy

This piece was much more fun to do than earlier.

Accidentally added those hearts tho… yeah, I almost messed this up in the beginning.

Few innocent drops of red paint to the wet paper, had to transform those in to something red, oblivious choice was heart.

This watercolor painting style is so difficult and different, but also quite fun.

Coloring the background comes so easily. This is SO MUCH faster than using pencils.

Although, again I find myself using pencils to finishing those sharp points.

This really got me thinking: “Should I buy those smaller brushes for small details?”

Let’s check the next one.
Dancing couple
First I was trying to create a desert, what a disappointment.

Had to turn it between the work, into something else.
Aaaaaand here comes the drop of black color, in the middle of the paper. Of course, like gravity pulling those dropping watercolor drops in the middle of my work.

Quick research and model for dancing couple.
Paper got dry when I was searching the perfect picture.
Black and more black… It turned out good, for messed up work.
Very next day I was standing in front of this work.

It looks okay, after all I have no idea what I’m doing.

Let’s check the next one.
Home beach.
This last one needed open space, can I do painting outside in the nature?

I walked down to the beach and started painting while kids went for swim.

This is actually the scenery of my home beach.
I did spend so many hours with this piece, all the small details you see at the picture was there.

Sure it took few days to finish this and the weather changed little bit.
I think that biggest problem was that I’m not enough fast.

Sure there was some annoying bees and mosquitoes but the atmosphere was very calming.

Perhaps next time I do this with pencils.

If you have never tried to paint outside, I strongly recommend it. Feels like therapy session.

Watercolor paintings are not for me.
Too much waiting and I really don’t know how to do those sharp lines.

Maybe someday I’ll find better brushes and give it a chance, but for now I’m done with this.

All due respects to those who know how to create unique art with watercolor!

Hope you find this amusing, have a great day!

Yours. Jay