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How would you improve your community?

Anything..? Okay..

I would rent a place from the center of the city and create “community leftover center”

Easter is great example.

You are going on short vacation and there is few yoghurt and one carton of milk in the fridge.
There is also a half bag of cereal and rice for maybe two person.
Three eggs, half used butter and cream.

Oh it would be so handy, if there would be place in the community, where you could drop your, still good food before you leave on the vacation.

Normally all these go to the garbage, or for your neighbor.

On the other side, you would have a place where to get cup of sugar, few eggs or decent meal.

Food loss is big problem around here, but so is price of the food. (Thanks politics)

Maybe community fridge/freezer/dry shelf sounds a great idea, but you’ll need the place and money for rent and someone to do it…
Voluntary work, work party and stuff like that is slowly fading away from the world.
Every place you’ll need cash.

Helping hands and shelters are not quite popular in here, I think that mostly because of the “side effects” of the happening like this..
You know, people in need, suffering..

Who wanted to see those when you’re sipping your coffee from Starbucks.

Yours. “Local helping hand” Jay

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