Here comes . . . E a s t e r. . !

Drawing, easter

So many traditional ways of welcoming this time of the year.

Kiddos running door to door, asking for treat in a trade of the Easter branch.

After few hours knocking on the door, they return with UNBELIEVABLE HUGE AMOUNT OF CHOCOLATE EGGS.
Not a shocker that in the bucket were none of Kinder surprise eggs.
This flash sheet, I’ve found from the last year, tells me the sad reason.

Last Easter kinder released those salmonella eggs and, yes. My kiddos were one of those sad kids, who had to return them in the store.

I haven’t bought any more kinder products after that and looks like not single person in the neighborhood.

There were surprisingly many different chocolate eggs from the other companies.

I still see the commercials in TV and the products on the shelf of the grocery store, but for me it’s too expensive product to take a risk.

Easter-Bat…or chick..
Funny thing is how big influence one salmonella had.
I’m quite sure the impact wouldn’t be so big, but the time of the year was disaster.

After that unfortunately incident, my kids don’t even check those Kinder products anymore.
It’s like they have vanished from the existence.

Kinder has been the most wanted surprise eggs for my family and even for me, like forever.

I do remember when I was a kid and got those Kinder surprise eggs, which were SO EXPENSIVE!

There was no competition with chocolate eggs those days, Kinder was TOP-5 and then there was “other products”

Maybe someday I have a courage to risk my moneys on the Kinder Surprise egg, which I maybe have to return.
Cyrus the Virus
It was so close that Easter-bunny got busted because of the salmonella episode, but it got clean.

There is one house in the neighborhood, where used to live one old hag.
(I mean older woman) respectful!

This old grumpy bitch hated kids.

Every year kids were knocking on the old hags door and asking permission to use Easter branches.

Every single time that old timer shouted for the kids and draw them away.
“Nana had enough”

Easy to relate, I hate people too.
I even have a saying:
“If there is other people involved, it will be a failure!”

Nana had enough, we get it.
If I would be in the same situation, I would hang a note on my door…
(Do not disturb) etc.

I would never shout for the kids, but maybe that’s just younger version of me talking and the Family man of course.

After active life, maybe we all are doomed to be forgotten in the chair all alone.

Then only thing what’s left is PURE HATE.
Your relatives could not stand your hatred and they are just waiting for the day when you give up and die.

If I ever turn to the evil old tard, I just hope someone will have the courage to tell me what they see.

Happy Easter to you.

Yours. “Kinder banner” Jay


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