Educational ways of cartoons

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Have you been in situation where you quote cartoons?

I have, so many times.
Political satire in The Simpsons, Family guy and South Park is quite clever sometimes and those pressings matters are just spot on.

Many shows have their civil war episodes, political debates, even the slavery episodes.

Maybe this is the way how we teach the younger generations to understand how the world works.

It’s quite educational way of showing the old world.

Many times I’ve been saying the phrase: “I’ve learned everything about that in the episode of South Park.

Sure, have to admit that sometimes satire gets bit far out, but it’s very effective way of saying horrible things.

Even in the middle of the WW2 there were cartoons fighting among the “good guys”

To send Superman “where I’m needed most” may sound like a familiar mission, but this time it’s not the typical fighting against evil aliens or villains to protect humanity. The world renowned hero Superman is involved with the Holocaust in confrontation with the Nazis.

This of course has been only in comics but still.

Artists among the times has shown us the way how to handle hard times and horrible things.
All them toons
Maybe the cartoons are easier way to handle than for example acted play.

Sure there has been funny musical acts, where winners are kicking the ass of the bad guys and movies like The Great Dictator or The Dictator but it’s not the same, cartoons and comics are easier way of saying those things.

Underwater world
Have you ever watched this SpongeBob SquarePants?
To me this cartoon has the same problem that many new cartoons have.

It’s filled with everything moving fast and characters yelling and screaming.

There is nothing more than happening inside the utopia under the bottom of the sea.

Cartoons like this is different and I’m sure the writers are not even trying to tell you a story.

There is absolutely nothing from the media surrounding us, except the movie version where The Hoff was helping Bob and Patric.

That was clever because we all remember The Hoff from the Baywatch.
The aliens
Because cartoons and animation has so big influence on TV and movies, it makes me wondering…

Why there is so little amount of alien related animation?

There is few characters in The Simpsons, American Dad and Toy Story, but why not Predator or Aliens?
Who remembers E.T or Alf? *lifts arm

Paul was great example how easily goofy looking alien can be used in movie.
Perhaps the animation version wouldn’t be so effective.

Aliens vs Predator animation horror TV-show would be great idea!

There is so many ways to direct cartoons and animation.

Special effects and animation technology has gone so far that I can only gasp my breath.

I just watched the Avatar Way of Water, sure James made the most expensive movie of all time, but it’s great example what you can do these days.

Why not to make new Aliens movie with this technology?


I have watched many cartoons/animations and learned so many great things while doing it.
I love cartoons and I’m proud of it.

Yours. “Animation lover” Jay

Time to SCREAM… again..Ugh..

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There was a time when I indeed, was excited about the ghosts face movies, but not anymore.
Franchise has ruined it for me.

Every time there is group of people and one of them is killer for some reason, then the whole movie is trying to make you guess which one is the murderer.

This means, if you’re about to watch a Scream movie, don’t get too excited about the plot, only plot is to make everyone look like suspect.

Of course Scary movie did the rest.
If I see the ghost face, I just wait when he/she stumbles to furnitures.

Same thing with M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Don’t get me wrong, his movies are great, but in the beginning you already know that something will turn the plot upside down in the end.

Kinds party stopper when you just wait that for the whole movie.

Scream movies are doing it with characters, Shamyalan is doing it with the whole movie set.
Spooky group
Even when I’m drawing horror characters, I’d like to put the ghost face in the same bucket with the 
others, but it’s impossible.

All I can imagine is the ghost face running down the stairs while piano is falling down and grandma afterwards.

I will watch even the new Scream, but I ain’t using any money for it.

It’s a big “nah” for theater to me.
Killing in the name of..
This is more like it!
The way I see this furious killer, is the way how Scary movie introduced me.
Ghost Face puffing a joint with Shorty and “killing time”
When this face turned other way, it’s so much more fun.

Ghost face with “Scary movie vibes” gives the whole new point of view in drawings.

So many times I have turned all those horror movie characters into something funny, but this one… OMG it works like a charm.

So many flash sheet I have drawn where Ghost face is lurking behind the lollipop.
Art transformation
Perhaps this character could be used in every art around, not like in the whistlers mom, but Mona lisa and the others.
This could be the next big thing for me.

Maybe I start making copies of famous artists and adapt the Ghost face in them?

Back to the movie.

What if?
The next Scream movie wouldn’t just do the same idea again?
Maybe it would be time to change.


Next scream story could be a crossover with Evil dead.

Someone wants to use the Necronomicon to wake up and demonize the Ghost face killer.

After this crossover movie, you could make so many sequels as you like.
There ain’t no way to kill the evil among us.

Think about it, Jason, Freddy, Myers, Art the clown…
Maybe Ghost face would be better and hit scarier with demonic possession.

Sure know that I would not think about him/her stumbling on the IKEA furniture.
It’s me Mario
On the other news.
Mario brothers is on theater right now.

I think that actually movie version would be so much cooler.
Ron Jeremy could be the leading role?

Take that Mr. Shamyalan and try to turn it upside down.

Yours. “Screamer Jay”

Here comes . . . E a s t e r. . !

Drawing, easter

So many traditional ways of welcoming this time of the year.

Kiddos running door to door, asking for treat in a trade of the Easter branch.

After few hours knocking on the door, they return with UNBELIEVABLE HUGE AMOUNT OF CHOCOLATE EGGS.
Not a shocker that in the bucket were none of Kinder surprise eggs.
This flash sheet, I’ve found from the last year, tells me the sad reason.

Last Easter kinder released those salmonella eggs and, yes. My kiddos were one of those sad kids, who had to return them in the store.

I haven’t bought any more kinder products after that and looks like not single person in the neighborhood.

There were surprisingly many different chocolate eggs from the other companies.

I still see the commercials in TV and the products on the shelf of the grocery store, but for me it’s too expensive product to take a risk.

Easter-Bat…or chick..
Funny thing is how big influence one salmonella had.
I’m quite sure the impact wouldn’t be so big, but the time of the year was disaster.

After that unfortunately incident, my kids don’t even check those Kinder products anymore.
It’s like they have vanished from the existence.

Kinder has been the most wanted surprise eggs for my family and even for me, like forever.

I do remember when I was a kid and got those Kinder surprise eggs, which were SO EXPENSIVE!

There was no competition with chocolate eggs those days, Kinder was TOP-5 and then there was “other products”

Maybe someday I have a courage to risk my moneys on the Kinder Surprise egg, which I maybe have to return.
Cyrus the Virus
It was so close that Easter-bunny got busted because of the salmonella episode, but it got clean.

There is one house in the neighborhood, where used to live one old hag.
(I mean older woman) respectful!

This old grumpy bitch hated kids.

Every year kids were knocking on the old hags door and asking permission to use Easter branches.

Every single time that old timer shouted for the kids and draw them away.
“Nana had enough”

Easy to relate, I hate people too.
I even have a saying:
“If there is other people involved, it will be a failure!”

Nana had enough, we get it.
If I would be in the same situation, I would hang a note on my door…
(Do not disturb) etc.

I would never shout for the kids, but maybe that’s just younger version of me talking and the Family man of course.

After active life, maybe we all are doomed to be forgotten in the chair all alone.

Then only thing what’s left is PURE HATE.
Your relatives could not stand your hatred and they are just waiting for the day when you give up and die.

If I ever turn to the evil old tard, I just hope someone will have the courage to tell me what they see.

Happy Easter to you.

Yours. “Kinder banner” Jay

Johann Schmidt had said it well..

desenho, Drawing

Here is one for you!

Have you ever watched any MCU movies?

First of all, the audience of these movies are the most anticipated and psychotic, hardcore super fans!

These people are amazing with small details.
Great amusement for myself, is these guys updating into YouTube after movie.

They will find even smallest details, because they watch each movie in slow speed.
All this just for the Easter eggs?!?

I love these peoples, I adore the enthusiasm and that amount of effort, what they are using just for the likes.

Most of these HC-fans probably even don’t want these movies, because film director has thought something different in his mind and ruined it.

Sure the main stories must follow original story lines, but they always change something…
I’m quite sure they’ll do it just to bug those guys.

Exactly the same reason must be for all those small Easter eggs on film.
Holy Shit
Hiding all funny small things in the film must be funny thing to do.

When you know that your most pickiest audience is those, who will find EVERYTHING that you’ll hide.

No matter how clever you think you are, you’re playing the losing game.

These guys are using 0.25x speed, so even the smallest details will be drawn to the daylight.

They also have huge amount of followers like me, who discusses about the new
theories in the comments section.

Normally, after the theory and Easter eggs, they say: “let me know, if you noticed something which I did not, let me know on the comment section below.”

Only way to scramble their brains is the thing what Russo brothers do.

For example:
“If you freeze the movie in certain point, you will find some random cars plate and those numbers are for some old magazine.”

I’m amazed by this, it blows me away every single time!

Do they really have secret groups of nerds on the payroll, must be…dunno…
“We are Legion and we are many”
I have always been a great fan of conspiracy theories no matter what’s the suspect.

If someone is ready to see something what others don’t, it’s worth of mentioning.

Sometimes these wild accusations are just off, but weirdly crazier the theory, it makes more sense.

MCU made “What If?” Animation and that was a bullseye!
IMDb link for “What If..?”
If you love MCU like I, this is one to watch. Check it out.

Remember one funny thing.
These Marvel movies made me change my style to watch movies.
Every time I found myself waiting in theatre waiting the post credit scene.

Weird huh?

Even more funny is that I’m making reminders for my calendar for the next upcoming movie trailers.

Back in the days, there were nothing to compare with this.

Yours. “MCU Hardcore Fan” Jay

The day when the streaming killed the TV

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Have you noticed how much have changed?

No, I don’t mean the world, I mean the TV.

Not so long ago, TV was really important part of the peoples lives.

I remember that time, when we were playing outdoors and suddenly, from nowhere it struck like a lightning bolt!!!
Every kid knew it… New episode of MacGyver on TV!

Every kid from the street vanished in a blink.

I’m not saying that there ain’t no excitement anymore, but almost every TV-show has these “extra” shows and “inside episode” panels.
Have you heard: “For extra cost, you’ll get more” or “you can watch the next episode from somewhere.
Streaming and cloud services has ruined it from me, I know that for sure…

For example: “If you tell me about some cool TV-series, which I have never heard, in a week I’ve watched all 7 seasons!” DONT HAVE TO WAIT RERUNS NOMORE.

Sure, to all you nerds out there shouting: “he’s wrong, there is plenty of series airing only one episode at time”

Of course there is, almost every one of them, except those which air on streaming services and yeah, you’re not completely wrong, but we have internet. Hah! In your face!!

No more waiting.. I want all the seasons and I want ‘em now!!

Squid game is a perfect example.

Some friend of mine told about this cool “Korean TV-series”
I would skip it in a blink, but I have watched many great Korean horror flicks, so I was like: “let’s give it a try”

Very next week I’ve watched the whole season and found myself finding information from internet, about the season 2

The “New normal” is to wait the finale then watch the whole series in a few days.

I’m old fashioned with methods like this.
I love to wait the next episode and gossip about the upcoming twist turns.
Sadly, it is harder than it used to be…
I’m not a fan of those American “Midseason breaks” but understand how important is build up the hype.
Haven’t you heard about the new upcoming Beetlejuice?

Well I have and I’ve been waiting it for so long.
Only question to ask: “what kind of character will Johnny play in this movie?
Michael Keatons role we know and Winona but what about Depp?
I’m sure that Burton has speed-dial for Mr. Depp, when he is directing a new movie.

Few years after the movie there will be some kick ass spin-off like Wednesday.
E.T phones again
When the time is ready for another E.T movie?
Hopefully never, but I’m still 100 percent sure that this will happen some day.

It’s weird thing about TV series, that streaming services has made TV so much bigger.

Who remembers the Alf?
Could E.T be next Alf?

I remember the first Oscar awards, where someone was thanking Netflix on the price speech.

In that very moment I was blown away… Does this streaming thing really changed everything?

Well it has, these days if there is a Netflix logo on the beginning of the movie or series, it’s almost quarantined spot on!
Masters of the Universe
Heman MOTU had big influence in my life when I was in the kindergarten.

Many of those “life lessons” in the end of the episode teaches things about friendship and life.

Even Heman landed on the Netflix.

And yes, I watched first episode, didn’t like it, Skeletor won and no life lessons.
John Rambo early years
Just wait…

There will be a day when John Rambo will be on streaming services, with new epic adventures.

Of course some of those UFC fighters will take this project, where young John is in the army doing querilla missions in the jungle.

For some reason, all these nostalgic characters keeps coming back, just like your MacGyver.
Perhaps we see modern day Rambo.

But after all this, what’s on TV? I mean actually TV.

Every country has their own series but is there really something good on?

All movies have been watched many times and reruns of friends or two and a half man, been laughed so many times earlier.

Don’t get me started with every channel showing Simpsons and Family guy.

We have crossed the point, where it does not matter anymore which season is on.
It just doesn’t matter anymore.

If you want to watch some special season, it’s easier to go on streaming services.

If you don’t even watch the news from TV, what’s left?
Gaming shows, cooking shows, dating shows?

Let me tell you a secret.

I’m watching Taskmaster UK, but every saturday morning and yes, from streaming services.
Every TV-series is on some streaming service and extras.

There is only on question left to ask:
“What’s the point of TV channels anymore?”

You tell me, I don’t know anymore..

Yours. “TV-Streamer” Jay

Brainstorming “howto”

Ahoy! Sketching table on the starboard! More drawings abaft..Arr..

My sketching table is filled with everything I see, feel, hear, and watch.

Life turns to the sketches so easily, for example:

You watch your favorite TV-show”
Well in my case, I’m also sketching at the same time.

My head is filled with ideas and it’s mess up there, I’m living in the inspiration zone and that makes focusing to something specific hard sometimes.

If I’m multitasking, it gets easier.
Watching movie while drawing sketches is the most effective way to see the flick.

There is also minor problem with this behavior, meetings are kinda tricky, because if I don’t get my chance to draw, my imagination starts to flow like hell.

Sure there is also problem at the modern world, career focused bosses don’t understand this kind of behavior in the meetings. Also my kind of people who are visionary, get suffocated many times a day.
But it’s okay, career life needs to be boring and using imagination or creativity in work is super rare.

To my offense, I must say.. when I’m drawing at the meetings, Zooms, etc… I do remember everything because I can focus so much better.
This method must activate some areas from brains, that makes you almost superhuman.

Be sharp, here we go!
Brainstorm example 1.
This sheet is great example of bit everything..

Let me explain myself.

First I started to draw a Ninja, simple Ninja because I saw Batman Lego on the table.
Idea twisted to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Raphael with his blade.
Because Raphael is old name, David popped to my head and Jesus… so I must add Ninja-Jesus. (Makes sense?)

Some point kiddo started to watch SpongeBob.
(That cartoon is TURBOBOOST weirdness) Colors and small things just pops to the sides, like the fill up.

Easy task when you’re watching cartoon, where squirrel in space-suit in in the bottom of the sea, having a bonfire. (WTF?)

Then Scream movie trailer takes me to the skulls and moonshine. Don’t ask me why.

Cup of coffee makes me think about donuts and donut reminds me about: “mmm…donuts…
This is just an example about the brainstorming at the sketch table.

Moving on to the next sketch.
The little tentacles
I mean the mermaid of course.

This came from the soundtrack of the movie little mermaid.
(Yes I listen movie soundtrack music) again one great way to active your brains and memory.
Try it out, works unbelievable well.
Pretty much every movie has soundtrack and If you use playlists like I do, your movie memories makes you travel through the time..

Example playlist Hans Z works like a charm.

In some point there was a trailer on TV about the documentary “After Porn Ends” next one was Mandalorian or Boba Fett and so those influenced strongly to the sketch.

In my opinion these kind of sketching is like you add some spices to your paper from around you.

This works great in crowded areas, city centers, museums etc…

Moving on.
Dawn of the homer
There was an episode in Simpsons where good people of Springfield turned to Zombies.

Favorite part of the episode was where Homer shot Flanders in the face with shotgun…
The family voice their surprise that he killed the zombie Flanders, to which Homer responds, "He was a zombie?"

Great writing must say, stay creative.
Pocahontas what so ever.
This got influenced from the caricature I was planning to do.

I was testing the jawline, eyes and that pose for the Tomb raider caricature.

This is so called: “Test round” if you look close enough, you’ll see the hair, which already has Tomb Raider vibes.

Especially when I’m just thinking about the next caricature, these pops out many.
Sometimes these sketches are way cooler than final piece.

Brainstorming tips for you.

Don’t let paper block your imagination and no matter how stupid it feels, just keep goin.

It’s not meant be anything, so you can’t fail.

Listen relaxing music, let children play close to you, watch outside and TV.

TV-channel which has the most commercial, is the best.

TV feed and music feeds ideas to your subconsciousness and those small things turns easily to the great art.

That’s all for this day, try to be creative people and let the imagination take you to the places.

Yours. Jay