Time to SCREAM… again..Ugh..

Drawing, movies

There was a time when I indeed, was excited about the ghosts face movies, but not anymore.
Franchise has ruined it for me.

Every time there is group of people and one of them is killer for some reason, then the whole movie is trying to make you guess which one is the murderer.

This means, if you’re about to watch a Scream movie, don’t get too excited about the plot, only plot is to make everyone look like suspect.

Of course Scary movie did the rest.
If I see the ghost face, I just wait when he/she stumbles to furnitures.

Same thing with M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Don’t get me wrong, his movies are great, but in the beginning you already know that something will turn the plot upside down in the end.

Kinds party stopper when you just wait that for the whole movie.

Scream movies are doing it with characters, Shamyalan is doing it with the whole movie set.
Spooky group
Even when I’m drawing horror characters, I’d like to put the ghost face in the same bucket with the 
others, but it’s impossible.

All I can imagine is the ghost face running down the stairs while piano is falling down and grandma afterwards.

I will watch even the new Scream, but I ain’t using any money for it.

It’s a big “nah” for theater to me.
Killing in the name of..
This is more like it!
The way I see this furious killer, is the way how Scary movie introduced me.
Ghost Face puffing a joint with Shorty and “killing time”
When this face turned other way, it’s so much more fun.

Ghost face with “Scary movie vibes” gives the whole new point of view in drawings.

So many times I have turned all those horror movie characters into something funny, but this one… OMG it works like a charm.

So many flash sheet I have drawn where Ghost face is lurking behind the lollipop.
Art transformation
Perhaps this character could be used in every art around, not like in the whistlers mom, but Mona lisa and the others.
This could be the next big thing for me.

Maybe I start making copies of famous artists and adapt the Ghost face in them?

Back to the movie.

What if?
The next Scream movie wouldn’t just do the same idea again?
Maybe it would be time to change.


Next scream story could be a crossover with Evil dead.

Someone wants to use the Necronomicon to wake up and demonize the Ghost face killer.

After this crossover movie, you could make so many sequels as you like.
There ain’t no way to kill the evil among us.

Think about it, Jason, Freddy, Myers, Art the clown…
Maybe Ghost face would be better and hit scarier with demonic possession.

Sure know that I would not think about him/her stumbling on the IKEA furniture.
It’s me Mario
On the other news.
Mario brothers is on theater right now.

I think that actually movie version would be so much cooler.
Ron Jeremy could be the leading role?

Take that Mr. Shamyalan and try to turn it upside down.

Yours. “Screamer Jay”

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