Daily Question…

daily question, desenho

Describe a decision you made in the past that helped you learn or grow.

There was a moment in my life where I realized how my brains work.

Sounds kooky right?

I noticed something weird about my behavior when I was at school.

Everyone had to learn by staring the book, or teacher in the eye.

I noticed that when I’m not sketching or lettering, it’s almost impossible to learn or memorize anything.

There we had a quite dilemma.

At the time when I was at school, there was NO WAY of learning with alternative methods, teachers said: “MY WAY OR THE HIGWAY”

Guess which was my option?

I was a school dropout and had to finish my school after the army service.

After service, I’ve learned one crucial thing.

If I’m sketching or lettering while learning, my brain goes to the “turbo-mode” and I REMEMBER EVERYTHING I HEAR!

Think about that, learning turned quite easy after that.

I’ve been using that method and I’ve graduated from many schools, I even learned new language.

Of course these days when I’m educating myself, the first thing what I tell to the professor or teacher is my weird way of learning.

Today I teach at work and I’m helping everyone to achieve their own way of learning.

More you know, I still haven’t got myself in trouble, or jail like all those wise old teachers said.

Hah! In your face!

Yours, “Smart worker” Jay

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