cartoon, zines

Catch the pencils, scissors and start running..

Okay, don’t run, all them grandmas has told you not to run with scissors.

Playlist of the day —->TimeCop1983

Oh these 80’s vibes got me thrilled.

Great way of scrapbooking is to find instrumental playlist, which boost your brains.

I don’t like to listen music with lyrics when I’m creating something.

Music with lyrics makes me think about the song and the story of the song.
This band has few lyrics, but mostly just instrumental music with cool 80’s tones.

This next zine is quite a normal way to get my thoughts to the paper.
There ain’t no great stories included, but that’s the whole point of making small comics.

Check it out.
From pencil to the paper
Having a blast
The moment
Point of no return
Time flies when you’re creating zines.

On the other hand, you have so many pages to fill and on the other hand, you only have few.

The main idea of zine making like this, is the limited amount of pages and space.

Imagination has to be used, several ways.
If your story don’t have beginning or end, it gets interesting.

First thing I do is numbers of pages.
With this method, you know the way how to start.

Do I need “heading”..?
Is there a “cover”..?
Can I use pictures or words..?
Will there be a story or something weird..?
Should I use dialogue or not?

After first hour I have answered to these questions and start creating the zine.

Using A4-paper is bit easier, because the size of course is way bigger than the small A3-papers, which I like to use when creating stories like these.

Sometimes I don’t even start from the first page.

Middle of the story is way more funnier to create and the the challenge is to create the beginning and the end.

Just like Mr. Tarantino does in some films.
He creates great dialogue to the some random character, which has absolutely no meaning in the film and it just keeps you questioning: “Why?”

What a great way to scramble the mind of the viewer.

Creating the beginning of the story afterwards, is funnier way to create the story.

Sometimes when I’m writing a lyrics for a song, the middle section and chorus comes first.
After the middle part and chorus the beginning molds without hesitation.

That’s my way of making, you find yours.. spread your wings and let the wind take over.

Great example of working like this, is my way of using the notebook.

I have pages like 1-100 but I’m not using them in chronological order.

I do have a directory on the first page, but I can start from the middle of the notebook.

It’s a mess and looks tangled, but it’s way more funnier way to fill your notebook.

Little bit like bullet journal method (Author Ryder Carrol), but with the twist.

That’s one of the latest books I have read, highly recommended!

Yours “Zinemaker” Jay

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