Booyah! Let me introduce the Punkzine!

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I would like to think that, every punkzine has something really clever, but I must say… most of the times there just ain’t.

Scrapbooking and lettering without actual plan is quite fun. You just need pop culture magazines or something equal to that.
The scissor the shit out of those magazines and start using glue stick.

When you don’t plan your punkzine more than one page a time, the results are better.

What a great way to express your creativity with small effort.
Slaves to the zines
Ink and gods
Mega alpha
Face to face
Sometimes I have thought about the zine festivals.
We don’t have those in this country, probably because not so many has this hobby.
I’ve read many blogs or stories about the zine festivals around the world.

Closest thing here is art galleries where you have to pay for the exhibition.
I think that good way of setting up the zine fest would be a free “second hand” happening, you know like yard sale but bigger.

Maybe someday I find myself at the zine fest, remembering the time when I had to write a blog about it.

Yours. “Zine addict” Jay


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Catch the pencils, scissors and start running..

Okay, don’t run, all them grandmas has told you not to run with scissors.

Playlist of the day —->TimeCop1983

Oh these 80’s vibes got me thrilled.

Great way of scrapbooking is to find instrumental playlist, which boost your brains.

I don’t like to listen music with lyrics when I’m creating something.

Music with lyrics makes me think about the song and the story of the song.
This band has few lyrics, but mostly just instrumental music with cool 80’s tones.

This next zine is quite a normal way to get my thoughts to the paper.
There ain’t no great stories included, but that’s the whole point of making small comics.

Check it out.
From pencil to the paper
Having a blast
The moment
Point of no return
Time flies when you’re creating zines.

On the other hand, you have so many pages to fill and on the other hand, you only have few.

The main idea of zine making like this, is the limited amount of pages and space.

Imagination has to be used, several ways.
If your story don’t have beginning or end, it gets interesting.

First thing I do is numbers of pages.
With this method, you know the way how to start.

Do I need “heading”..?
Is there a “cover”..?
Can I use pictures or words..?
Will there be a story or something weird..?
Should I use dialogue or not?

After first hour I have answered to these questions and start creating the zine.

Using A4-paper is bit easier, because the size of course is way bigger than the small A3-papers, which I like to use when creating stories like these.

Sometimes I don’t even start from the first page.

Middle of the story is way more funnier to create and the the challenge is to create the beginning and the end.

Just like Mr. Tarantino does in some films.
He creates great dialogue to the some random character, which has absolutely no meaning in the film and it just keeps you questioning: “Why?”

What a great way to scramble the mind of the viewer.

Creating the beginning of the story afterwards, is funnier way to create the story.

Sometimes when I’m writing a lyrics for a song, the middle section and chorus comes first.
After the middle part and chorus the beginning molds without hesitation.

That’s my way of making, you find yours.. spread your wings and let the wind take over.

Great example of working like this, is my way of using the notebook.

I have pages like 1-100 but I’m not using them in chronological order.

I do have a directory on the first page, but I can start from the middle of the notebook.

It’s a mess and looks tangled, but it’s way more funnier way to fill your notebook.

Little bit like bullet journal method (Author Ryder Carrol), but with the twist.

That’s one of the latest books I have read, highly recommended!

Yours “Zinemaker” Jay

Punkzines from good ‘ol punk rocker

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Hey y’all punkzine,zine,scrapbooking,bullet jornaling,diary making,ransom writing,mini comics lovers and smallpress writers out there!

Here we go again…

There was a time between the social distancing and quarantine routines, where I did lot’s of scrapbooking called PUNKZINE!

Yeah, I really don’t know is it a thing, but country where I live, it’s not.
Well maybe some underground scenes, but I haven’t met many people who shares this passion with me.

It is therapeutic thing to cut letters and pictures to these small comics.
If you are trying to find out, is there anything what makes sense, I can tell you, no… nothing makes sense.

Let’s see the first two episodes of my punkzine magazines.
All the headlines were about those innocent people, who were traveling and they were demonized..
Page 1.
Can’t argue, we all were so very scared, but mostly because of the media.
It was really difficult time to find news without spreading virus.
Page 2.
After one year, everyone were suddenly rich?!?
Well I sure was not, but most of working class heroes, were buying cabins and using money like no tomorrow..
No holiday—->equals shitton of money.

Wait what?
Page 3.
Finns started to use lots of more alcohol at home, because bars were closed and Finns are famous drinkers I’ll give you that.

My personal drinking habits didn’t change.

Bottle of wine, here and there.
Sometimes few special beers from small brewery’s and of course Rum.
Now when written, sounds a lot.
Page 4.
Oh the hobbies..

“I started to play Ukulele”
“I started to learn new language”

And the list goes on… that’s a good thing, for my point of view.

More creativity and more time means more hobbies.

Well I still suck at my choices, poor bastard.
Page 5.

Thank god, I didn’t got any pets.

After the lockdown, I absolutely don’t have time for those love little poochies.

Renovations needs money and skills.
Hard pass!
Page 6.
Sad but true, many pets were killed.
Happy ending?
Page 7.
Eh… New equipment for the digital solutions?

I might have stepped to this trap myself.

On the bright side, my internet speed is SO FAST!

No matter how many Zooms are going on while someone is streaming movies and playing games online.

Next number of the punkzine magazine is about (HAND WASHING)

Let me introduce it.
Like told, this is about hand washing routines.

I haven’t used so much soap or hand sanitizer in my entire life before this.

After all, you get used to it.
Page 1.
My thoughts were in India at this  moment, there was some documentary about how much people lives there and damn.. that was insane.

If we had problems in this small country in Europe, they had it many times more.

Makes me still sad when I’m thinking all those big countries.
Page 2.
There was some wise guy who said: “use Evian” for hand washing..

Oh stupidity, that’s just great idea.

Page 3.
If we are having a competition about who gets the most effective stupid way, here it is. 

You’re welcome.
Page 4.
By now, it gets bit dark.

Sometimes when you battle with your inner demons, this is what you get.
Page 5.
Oh the irony of the government’s solution sometimes.

“Humor negro” one of my friends said to me, when I was making this.

Yes indeed, but handling difficult things NEEDS someone who points the absurd solutions to you.

Handle with care!
Page 6.
After all, I mean no harm and disrespect.

I’m just dark and my humor is twisted.
It was horrible times and that time influenced my art.

Maybe I should keep this locked inside the drawer, but anarchistic inside of me demands release.

I survived, but so many did not.
That’s no joke, my art is therapy for myself and perhaps it gives way to you how to release a tension in your wicked mind..

We all are little bit derailed from the after these horrible times.
Perhaps we still have hope and redemption, after all..

Like uncle Marley sang:
“Don’t you worry about a thing, cause every little things gonna be alright..”

He ain’t really my uncle, but I can relate to the song.

Keep your heads up people, better times are coming…

Yours. Jay