Booyah! Let me introduce the Punkzine!

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I would like to think that, every punkzine has something really clever, but I must say… most of the times there just ain’t.

Scrapbooking and lettering without actual plan is quite fun. You just need pop culture magazines or something equal to that.
The scissor the shit out of those magazines and start using glue stick.

When you don’t plan your punkzine more than one page a time, the results are better.

What a great way to express your creativity with small effort.
Slaves to the zines
Ink and gods
Mega alpha
Face to face
Sometimes I have thought about the zine festivals.
We don’t have those in this country, probably because not so many has this hobby.
I’ve read many blogs or stories about the zine festivals around the world.

Closest thing here is art galleries where you have to pay for the exhibition.
I think that good way of setting up the zine fest would be a free “second hand” happening, you know like yard sale but bigger.

Maybe someday I find myself at the zine fest, remembering the time when I had to write a blog about it.

Yours. “Zine addict” Jay


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Catch the pencils, scissors and start running..

Okay, don’t run, all them grandmas has told you not to run with scissors.

Playlist of the day —->TimeCop1983

Oh these 80’s vibes got me thrilled.

Great way of scrapbooking is to find instrumental playlist, which boost your brains.

I don’t like to listen music with lyrics when I’m creating something.

Music with lyrics makes me think about the song and the story of the song.
This band has few lyrics, but mostly just instrumental music with cool 80’s tones.

This next zine is quite a normal way to get my thoughts to the paper.
There ain’t no great stories included, but that’s the whole point of making small comics.

Check it out.
From pencil to the paper
Having a blast
The moment
Point of no return
Time flies when you’re creating zines.

On the other hand, you have so many pages to fill and on the other hand, you only have few.

The main idea of zine making like this, is the limited amount of pages and space.

Imagination has to be used, several ways.
If your story don’t have beginning or end, it gets interesting.

First thing I do is numbers of pages.
With this method, you know the way how to start.

Do I need “heading”..?
Is there a “cover”..?
Can I use pictures or words..?
Will there be a story or something weird..?
Should I use dialogue or not?

After first hour I have answered to these questions and start creating the zine.

Using A4-paper is bit easier, because the size of course is way bigger than the small A3-papers, which I like to use when creating stories like these.

Sometimes I don’t even start from the first page.

Middle of the story is way more funnier to create and the the challenge is to create the beginning and the end.

Just like Mr. Tarantino does in some films.
He creates great dialogue to the some random character, which has absolutely no meaning in the film and it just keeps you questioning: “Why?”

What a great way to scramble the mind of the viewer.

Creating the beginning of the story afterwards, is funnier way to create the story.

Sometimes when I’m writing a lyrics for a song, the middle section and chorus comes first.
After the middle part and chorus the beginning molds without hesitation.

That’s my way of making, you find yours.. spread your wings and let the wind take over.

Great example of working like this, is my way of using the notebook.

I have pages like 1-100 but I’m not using them in chronological order.

I do have a directory on the first page, but I can start from the middle of the notebook.

It’s a mess and looks tangled, but it’s way more funnier way to fill your notebook.

Little bit like bullet journal method (Author Ryder Carrol), but with the twist.

That’s one of the latest books I have read, highly recommended!

Yours “Zinemaker” Jay


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(How to understand younger generations)

Folding instructions
Yes I’m old, I know.. but so are many of you, in someday at least.

*Shouting angry
“Back in the my days, we didn’t have red onions..”

- grandpa Simpson
Next zine eases your struggle in this “emoji-abbreviation-filled” planet called: “Earth”

It’s like easy version of understanding the surroundings.

I feel like modern day Bear Grylls, showing this magic to you.

Cover of the magazine
Page 2.
Here is few easy ones, you’ve might even know them.

I’m using these myself because, everyone knows the meaning.

Well almost everyone, but after this zine, we all know!
Page 3.
Page 4.
Now we have little bit less used ones.
Sure that one I got from the machine, but quite many uses word A/C..

Maybe our languages has changed so much in time, or maybe we have gotten more lazy.

Although, laziness and genius Has alway walked side to side.

IDK and IDC..
Page 5
Page 6.
Page 7.
Big beautiful woman?

I must confess, I have absolutely zero idea where this can be used…

In my POV this is bit offensive even that we are living on this body positive world.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned in the way.

“Shaking my head” was also new to me, but now when I know it, I’m definitely starting to use it as daily phrases.

Language all around the world is changing constantly, no matter where you live.

Maybe old native languages stay untouched. IDK…

English has changed so much from the days I started to learn it.

Many of you probably laugh my “English” and definitely for the grammar, but it doesn’t matter at all.
Everyone understands my writings and words that I use.

I’m using it every day and I’m learning new words and phrases daily.
Same thing with Brazilian Portuguese.
Every day I find new ways of saying things.

My native language is Finnish and it has also changed along the years.

There is so many things which has been adapted from Swedish and English to the modern Finnish language.
We also have weird way of saying some of those English words in Finnish and some of them in English.

No one knows why, but it’s a thing.

For example:
Word Apple is pronounced “aple” not like in English, even when people means you know, the Steve Jobs Apple.

Word “Show” on the other hand is pronounced just like in English.

This I think is the most hardest thing in learning the Finnish language…

No one really know why we do it, we just do it.

Yours. “Language detective” Jay

Oh zine me up before you go go..

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As family man, zine ideas are just floting out there.

This next one represents the hard day of my kid.
Even he laughed about when I let him see this zine.

Parenthood has is weird thing, sometimes you could just record everything and it would be like well scripted stand up comedy show or we’ll acted sitcom.

Watching siblings fighting about who disturbes who, it’s quite entertaining.

Mainly as adult, you’ll have to be negotiator, pries, ref, and the sound of reason.

When you draw the daily things or use the ways of drama, or the easier to understand how silly your actions are.

Here is an example of parenting tips.

Cover and caption
Weather problems
Fruit problems
Hunger games
Activity problems
Culinary problems
Sugar problems
Sugar problems conclusion
Always entertaining to see, how even the small teeny weeny things turn into a massive problems.

It’s still part of growth, in my opinion.

There is also some “spice” in these problems and the spices are called big sisters…
My god how effective is, when big sister pokes little brother at the right moment.

That situation is equal in the situation where you poor some petrol in the flames.

I never had the opportunity in my life where I would have change to fight with my sister, she has never been around.

Perhaps this sibling fights prepares these tiny humans to be tough in life later on.

Next one I want to give you a compliment book of the week.
One compliment a day is good way to start.

Check it out.

Can’t we all just start calling it “WENSDAY”..?

Some of ‘em are quite korny, but you’ll get the idea.

Everyone likes compliments, some of people get confused when you say something nice, but I think it’s risk what I have to take. 8/10 person likes when you say something nice and don’t forget, sometimes nice things finds you later on.

It’s like karma, but ain’t no bitch.

You can talk sweet thing with the tongue of the dragon but if you don’t have nothing nice to say, be quiet.

Also silence is golden, in some cases.
Be yourself and remember to smile, it confuses people.

If I don’t remember wrong, there is about 60 muscles in your face and you’ll need only six of those to smile.

Not so big effort, right?

Yours “Nice person” Jay

There will be judgement day!

New day, newly found QUARANZINE!

I remember when I was making this zine, there was Christopher Nolans first Batman on TV and I got the idea from there.

Must say, Cristian bale was bit different than the Batman in my zine, but it was quarantine time going on.

Oh and the feature picture has nothing to do with this zine.
Last night I was watching Terminator movie, where Terminator was called “Pops” because he was so damn old.
He even had some mechanical problems with his robot hands.

This makes me thinking: “How old he can go..?”
It the living tissue over the exoskeleton get older like human..?
Could he have some sort of robotic-dementia?

Killing all them people, because primary functions are shutting down.

So came the Terminator: Rise of the Nursing home idea.
Should I tell this idea to James Cameron?

Dunno, let’s get on with this miniature zine, where Gothams dark knight has pretty many “normal” problems to solve.
Cover of the “Gothams Finest”
Problem and solution
Quarantine crime rate
Risk group
Dark night activities
Inner dinner
Utility-belt to the rescue
Face timing fun
Have to admit, the quarantine time made me do art which had so much influence from the Covid-19 situation.

So many times I found myself doing drawings, or zines related with ongoing situation.

This scrapbooking/drawing style I have mastered when I was just a kid.

There were no Internet or any place, (except library) for copying art or cartoons.

Mainly scrapbooking stuff came from old magazine and random advertisements posters.

I remember those small magazines which had one small page, full size of band shirts to mail order.

If there was small picture about some band shirt, I did use a magnifying glass and draw it to the paper.

Also I went to the library to see old LP records, to copy cover art.

If you put all this together, you’ve got scrapbooking, drawing zines.

Oh happy memories…
These days, only few clicks and you got everything you can imagine.
Can’t say “everything was better”

Hope you enjoyed this lost and found quaranzine.

Yours. “Scrapbooking” movie addict Jay

Did the music change, or us..?

There is quite few new songs which I’ve heard lately.
Funny thing about those songs is that I’ve heard them before many years ago.

There is weird trend going on in music industry at the moment.
Many hit songs are ripped together with the old songs. (Awkward)
Feels like song makers has lost their mojo and inspiration.

Might be and probably is truth that I’m wrong, but think about it.

There was a time when these songs were hits, why would them work in modern world?
Sure, music today has to keep youths only interest approximately 30 seconds and that’s it.
Maybe this has the big influence in music.

Next zine tells the story of the “how-to” make hitlist song and enjoy at the progress..
Number 1.

Decade of decisions

Number 2.

Find the mixtape…

Number 3.

Be active!

Number 4.

Find your audience… or get lost in the process…

Number 5.


Number 6.


That’s my thoughts about this trending style of making music, come on people. It’s okay to do it once in a while, but every artist doing it all the time just for trend..?! 

This could be just me being that old fart, but I am on to something, I must be…

Yours. Jay

————S M A L L P R E S S——

There might be something groundbreaking in this scrapbooking, small comics.

If you have never try it, I highly recommend to do it.

It’s so easy to understand the beauty of minimalist work.

There is so little space between those pages.

You’ll have to think before, adding the story.
Folding the book.
In that video you can see how satisfying is this folding activity.

In a blink, paper turns to a small book.
Cover of the book
Some people say to us Zine artists, that waste of time.
For my opinion, any art is NO WASTE OF TIME.

You just have to believe in what you’re doing, sure I know there is almost zero change to get super famous or rich.

I tend to say, it’s not about the money… sure it helps, but when you can influence even one person with your doing, it’s worthy.

Just make people feel happy and yourself in the process, that must be something right?

Let’s get on the pages.
Pages 1 & 2
This time the idea was to make a scary and bloody version of the Casper, but somehow it turned to this cute little bastard.
Pages 3 & 4
The ghost and it’s friends…

Which are better friends than spiders and bats?

Original bloodier version had the Vampire biting veins, this is close enough.

Spider was so much more wicked and blood thirsty than this final version.

Sometimes these dark minded stories takes a flip inside my head and turn in the children stories.

Although I have read many fairytale and trust me on this, if you take those happy endings away, you got pretty horrible stories.

To the next pages!
Pages 5 & 6
This was originally the day of the death quote.

The Day of the Dead (el Día de los Muertos), is a Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink and celebration.

You’ll get the point with Pedro and candies.
The end..?
Everything must end, even Halloween.

Currently we live in the world where Jamie Lee Curtis finally got Michael dead and that was Oscar worthy stuff!

Zine making is so much fun, if you don’t believe me, try it yourself and create something unique.

There is plenty of room in the void!

Yours. Jay