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What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

S U M M E R .. H O L I D A Y !

Why summer holiday? Oh c’mon! I’ve born In the darkest time of the year and also the coldest time of the year.

Location is quite cold also.

Living on the North side of the Arctic circle makes you love sun and summertime.

There is so many things what you can do, when you are having the midnight sun and endless possibilities outdoors.

Summer activities are my favorite things to do and summer holiday is the time to enjoy them.
On the spot.
Shopping from river.
On the rocks.
Fishing at summertime is so relaxing and therapeutic for the restless mind of mine.
You can be hours in the river, even without the catch.
Sure you might get hungry in the process, but it’s okay to have little fasting… it keeps you motivated for the activity.

Again for all you “save the fish” hippies out there, I’m taking only what I eat, it’s not sport for me.

Like in heading image, scenery of this planet makes you come back again and again.

How can you not to enjoy scenery, which looks like a laptop screensaver?
Festival junkie
Festival junkie 2.
When the summer is ending and midnight sun is gone, we have dark nights, but mostly warm nights.
Perfect for the festival overdose!
Live music and people around the festival area is so energizing that it keeps you wanting more, every year.

There was a small cap with festivals, well because of the Covid-19, but it’s old fainted memory already.
No more social distance in the live happenings.

Long story short, summer holiday is my favorite because these and many more reasons.

I walk bare feet at summertime and I do go swimming in the river, every single day, no matter how cold it gets, it’s summer!

Yours. “Summer junkie” Jay

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