Minicomics Zine short-shorts!

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Storytelling in miniature size is quite challenging job to do. When you just don’t have the pages or time, you’ll have to think short and wide at the same time.

Short movies have always made big impact to me.
I’m using same kind of system when I’m creating short stories/mini comics.

You just don’t have time to introduce big dialogues or story lines. Once I’ve read short horror stories which were only few sentences. Weird huh? But if you are clever those short stories might be horrifying.

“I found my daughters favorite necklace from the neighbors yard sale. She went missing five years ago, without a trace”

It’s a short story where your imagination creates the story and everything around it.

Check this mini comic zine I created.
Page 1
Page 2.
Page 3.
Flip book page/book
You get the point, right? Does this make any sense?
These stories won’t have to be filled with information, few tiny things and our brains have the ability to fill all those empty caps.

Great example about your brain is colors.
I can draw for you a Roadrunner from that old cartoon, you know the one where that furry twat Wile E. Coyote is desperately trying to eat that lightning fast bird. Then I could color the picture with almost every shade of blue or purple and your brains would give you the information about how accurate the drawing is. Colors of the picture might be off, but if the drawing matches to your brains memory bank, you won’t question it.

Only afterwards when you would see the original, you might notice that it’s not in the right colors.

If I would use any other colors, like red or green your brains would notice the difference.

Yours. “Brainwasher” Jay

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