Minicomics Zine short-shorts!

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Storytelling in miniature size is quite challenging job to do. When you just don’t have the pages or time, you’ll have to think short and wide at the same time.

Short movies have always made big impact to me.
I’m using same kind of system when I’m creating short stories/mini comics.

You just don’t have time to introduce big dialogues or story lines. Once I’ve read short horror stories which were only few sentences. Weird huh? But if you are clever those short stories might be horrifying.

“I found my daughters favorite necklace from the neighbors yard sale. She went missing five years ago, without a trace”

It’s a short story where your imagination creates the story and everything around it.

Check this mini comic zine I created.
Page 1
Page 2.
Page 3.
Flip book page/book
You get the point, right? Does this make any sense?
These stories won’t have to be filled with information, few tiny things and our brains have the ability to fill all those empty caps.

Great example about your brain is colors.
I can draw for you a Roadrunner from that old cartoon, you know the one where that furry twat Wile E. Coyote is desperately trying to eat that lightning fast bird. Then I could color the picture with almost every shade of blue or purple and your brains would give you the information about how accurate the drawing is. Colors of the picture might be off, but if the drawing matches to your brains memory bank, you won’t question it.

Only afterwards when you would see the original, you might notice that it’s not in the right colors.

If I would use any other colors, like red or green your brains would notice the difference.

Yours. “Brainwasher” Jay


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Long time ago… in a cabin far away.

My enthusiasm to the cartoon stories and heroes, has always been really intense.

I’ve been drawing from the cartoons using magazines as drawing model.

Spider-man has always been one of my favorite characters to draw.
Probably turning from ninjas to Spider-man was logical step.
All those cool poses which Spider-man had when swinging around the pages.

Sure I did draw tons of pages from Donald the duck and Garfield, but MCU… I loved since I was kid.

Spawn and Hellboy came to my drawing table, when I found first magazines from library.

DC-universe also was fun to draw, especially Batman and Joker. Superman and Aquaman wasn’t my choice.
Weird thing about Gwen and Spider verse is that, I started to draw those after the movie and game on PlayStation.

I just admire the idea of mixing all the different universes together.
After multiverse, I have noticed myself drawing Spider-Ham and other goofy characters.

All those fans along the times, who have make drawings where they mix different heroes are so dope.
World is filled with all those talented artists, who think outside the box.

Like seen on the first picture, also Star Wars heroes and villains have been on my sketch table for so long time.

I’ve been drawing Luke, Chewie, and stormtroopers since I first time saw the movies.
Never I have seen magazines about the Star Wars, but it has not stopped me.

Sure, when you talk about Star Wars, you have to mention Darth Vader and all those badass Sith Lords.

Usually when I was drawing Sith Lords, they had red faces and lots of biomechanical parts.

Talking about the robots… Terminator and Robocop have been my favorites since I was starting my life at sketching artist.
Here comes the heroes
Spider-man vs Shang-chi drawing came after the Shang-chi movie. 

He did look WAY different in the movie that I remembered.
Cartoon version of him was more tougher looking than in the big screen version.

Still, I have seen only one cartoon with this team.

Learning to draw is always copying characters from the pages.

Read, watch and learn…

Yours Jay

||||•Mobile slavery•||||

I have made cartoon since I was a little boy.

Back in the days, we did not have any kind paper so I must draw for anything paper-ish…

My old man was so frustrated, when every milk carton, bills, newspaper corners were filled with drawings.
My fighting ninja cartoons were living life by themselves.

Sincerely younger version of me wasn’t frustrated about the fact, that I had to make my art to the milk carton or some random letter sheets.
The inspiration took me to the places, in yet I was happy creating stories from my head.

Too bad I don’t have any of those old cartoons anymore.
Anyhoo, still after all these years, I find myself drawing dark black and white cartoons, which doesn’t make any sense.

The next story got influenced by the behavior of people who are so addicted by their mobile phones.

Check it out!

“The beginning…”

Page 1.

“Nightmare begins…”


“End of the dream..”

Page. 3


Page 4.


Page. 5

Conclusion and the beginning of the new era…”

Page. 6

The end…?

That’s all from the story called: “Connecting nightmare

Fun fact about the making of:

First page was last and last page was second.
Rest of the story, just found places naturally.

Normally when I take notes or write stories, there ain’t no beginning or the end.
There is only some ideas that will come to something.

Same thing happens when I’m drawing cartoons.
There is some sort of idea about the story, but the cartoon process is just one tornado where pictures fly around.

Hopefully you enjoyed this story, even though there ain’t no logic.

Yours. Jay