Ink life! Can’t get better…

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Hooya whores and hounds..!

Time has gone by and I’ve been at studio most of my time.. [INK LIFE] for me it means doing and takin tats, hell that’s pretty much all I do…

D.O.N & Daisies… Pretty idea eh?

Brought this one to the table when she told the meaning of the word “DON” and that she loved Daisies… That’s where this idea got wings.

She absolutely loved it and so did I. Stencil although didn’t went like I was planning but no matter, sharpie did the rest.

Making of…

7Round liner & 7Mg shader was all needed in this one. Colors of course simple and the whole pic simple as possible…

Hypnotic “oldie” snake..

This epic piece was for my trusted mechanic who brought me an idea of the oldie cobra. After tons of changes, I’ve got the illusion in this snake eyes that if you stare it you’ve got your eyes crossing really fast. So much fun doing this, enjoyed every minute of it..

Making of…

7Round liner, 9Flat shader, 14Round liner, and 7Flat shader were used in this one and colors are from very special “Oldie-color” set.

Brazilian snowman in Arctic Circle..?

Well this is story to tell… Kiddo’s Capoeira instructor/professor wanted to have an angry snowmen on his arm with the Finland & Brazilian twist. That’s what he said, and got. Idea went for the sideways multiple times but got it together in time. Wonderful piece still missing blacks but epic already, finish this soon.

Making of…

7Round liner, 9Round shader, 13Mg shader were used when I made this beauty. Pain was bit too much for finishing this but hey, there is always next time…

Skull and flames coverup…

Coverup tattoo is always tricky thing to do but this spectacular sharpie piece was totally worth it. So much lines and flames so I could hide the 90’s tribal from the beginning of this skull and I nailed it good time.

Making of….
Few hours of Sharpie action first and then we are ready to start. 7round liner and 13Mg shader were only thing that I needed in this one.

Tattoo life…?

Of course you have to chill and relax sometimes… 

Like my bro has teach me… Simple Man from YouTube, smoke Cuban and drink Scotch.

We are all good now right, C-Ya people…! (Fades away with Lynyrd Skynyrd)…


CoverUp, Skin Art, Tattoos

Here we go again people…!

Buddy showed up to my crip and told me he’s pissed of with this tribal he had back in the 90’s Ready “flash-pic” and were down for that…


This time I tried new “silk-paper” which was SOOO good to use in this kind tricky area. Easy startup because picture was ready, only thing was found the right size. Needles for this session were: 7round liner, 7flat shader and ink was Tribal outlining Ink and tribal black ink for coloring.

Stencil done and started to work. Shading and bloodline first and last step was outlines and whites.

After few hours to work tattoo is ready.. Didn’t do much to that old tribal because it was in great position, next time perhaps something small, shades stuff etc..

I’m happy with the result… Keep you posted soon C-ya!

Bad to the bone..!

CoverUp, Skin Art, Tattoos


Fixing the old piece? Sometimes you just have to do your best on the top of the worst.. Surprisingly many have these bad and even worst tattoos. Looks good and awesome for while, then after moment you just don’t like it anymore. Many person shares this equal problem and i don’t blame them.. “Been there done that” I can say with smile on my face. back in the 90`s when body art was kicking in so heavily all ideas were probably so great and now the time has come to either remove it or coverup.. I prefer coverup! Still tricky to do when you don’t have clean “canvas” in front of you…

201-media “From dolphin look-alike to the rose…”

Making of

This was hard thing to cover, first idea was to make it sharper and make some shades. Very fast i came to conclusion about bigger coverup with lots of colours. (9Round shader), (7Round liner) and (13Flat shader) were used to this one. Hard part was shading, every place you wanted to cover makes black and greys to go in wrong places. Colours I used is very simple and maybe in this case… “Keep it simple” Is the main though…

What i learned?

Some cases you just have to forget about fixing the old i think. More white ink would be good and background needs grey shades.


200-media “Fixing the Mjölnir”

Maybe idea was good in some level but all small things were missing and there was no Wow-factor”

Making of

Many needles, 4 tattoo guns and maybe ten different colour tones. Thor`s hammer was stencil and rest of background was “Freehanded”.. You just can’t make this kind of things on stencil.

What I learned..?

First of all, sometimes you just can’t make everything ready on stencil. freehand shading makes a nice effort to the area you want to jump out. Dark colour works on this kind picture and It´s really not a disaster if you have made mistakes, there is always a way to do something about it.

Thanks and “TA-TA..” to you all…