What is the last thing you learned?

Oh dear, I have learned how to boil perfect eggs.
There was some YouTube video about it.

Here it comes:
1. Put eggs in cold water
2. Start counting when water boils
3. Let ‘em boil 8 minutes
4. Pour the water away and let ‘‘em dry for a moment.
5. Sink eggs to the cold water

Perfect eggs every time.

Funny thing about YouTube, I sure was not looking for egg recipe.
At the beginning I was looking for a trailer to one old movie…

After a while, I found myself watching a video, where some random dude was showing a magic trick to an orangutan at Zoo and of course next logical step is to find out how to boil perfect egg.

Great example about YouTube or any other social media scrambles our brains.

Back in the days we were not in slavery of the machines.
IDK the artis, but damn that’s accurate!