Once Upon a time, in a galaxy blah blah blah..

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”Backround song” ——> Star Wars  Theme

Feels like thousand life, when I first time saw Chewbacca
action figure and found out the thing called :“Star Wars”

As adult movie enthusiasts, I have few legendary moments in films, which have made HUGE impact while watching the movie.
One of the biggest is the phrase: “LUKE, I’M YOUR FATHER”

That movie franchise has spread like virus after that moment.

Last summer I realized how insanely big that franchise is, when I was watching everything in chronological order with my son.

All the movies and series… It took summer, but we managed to get in the point where we were watching Mandalorian finale yesterday.

Ashoka is coming and probably new movies also.
Welder of the damned
In this point you probably are thinking what does the drawings of this post has common with that franchise?
Well nothing, those are just sketches from the time I was watching the movies.

Moving on.

I never thought that those independent spin-off series could take me back into that feeling which I felt back in the days, but boy I was wrong.

Kenobi, Solo, Mandalorian, Andor, force awakens game and many more has kept me wanting more.

Mandalorian is a great example for the spin-off what I will watch, no matter how many seasons they decide to make.

There is a bounty hunter roaming trough the galaxy and having the great adventure of his life.

That’s enough, really!

Same thing with Spider-Man or Batman.
I can watch their adventures without big plot, you just have to make them fight crimes and it’s enough.

I’m entertained easily, with the Star Wars universe.
Some point, someone asked: “why you still get excited about Jason?”
I don’t know, there ain’t no great story or plot twist.
He is just killing everyone, until he gets killed… then he comes back.

It bugs me not, they can direct tem sequels or reboots, I just don’t care, I still watch ‘em all.

Star Wars is great franchise.
There is absolutely hundreds ways and possibilities how to do these movies and spin-off series, even Spin-off movies.

Rogue 1 is one great example.
Just make an epic war movie, somewhere around the galaxy and you get great stuff.

Could be just my way of looking everything behind the “Star Wars”-glasses, but I don’t care if I’m enjoying it and so far, I see myself entertained.

Good for you Lucasfilm, keep up the good work.

Yours. “Galaxy digger” Jay