Oh mother, what a day to show some art!

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Battletoads 8-bit
Hard to tell, how many of you do remember the game called battletoads.
When I first time played this game with my old faithful 8-bit NES.
Sure the game was a brand new and let’s be honest, the games at that time wasn’t so stunning as they are now, but MY GOD I was stunned about the goofiness and all the funny actions related stuff with this game was filled.

I have been waiting the remake from this game, but I’m still waiting..
Iron and man
Death of the iron man was HUGE deal to me.
I just love the character and it’s really hard to understand why the directors took him away from the big screen.

Of course Russo brothers will bring the character back, not with Robert but somehow.

It would be madness to ditch character that big from the movie screen.
Good ‘Ol batsy
There is a new Flash movie where they bring back OG-Batman.
How great is that.
Sadly We have lost the one and only Adam West, but perhaps there is a sneak peek for other version of bats.

This “multiverse” trend in movies is a great way to make movies.
I love the idea where you can bring back those lost characters from the past.

Still I’m quite sure that we will see movie with joker in some point. Only thing what I’m waiting is Joker / Quinn couple.
With some twist of Peacemaker would be nice.

Yours. “OG-gamer” Jay

Once Upon a time, in a galaxy blah blah blah..

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”Backround song” ——> Star Wars  Theme

Feels like thousand life, when I first time saw Chewbacca
action figure and found out the thing called :“Star Wars”

As adult movie enthusiasts, I have few legendary moments in films, which have made HUGE impact while watching the movie.
One of the biggest is the phrase: “LUKE, I’M YOUR FATHER”

That movie franchise has spread like virus after that moment.

Last summer I realized how insanely big that franchise is, when I was watching everything in chronological order with my son.

All the movies and series… It took summer, but we managed to get in the point where we were watching Mandalorian finale yesterday.

Ashoka is coming and probably new movies also.
Welder of the damned
In this point you probably are thinking what does the drawings of this post has common with that franchise?
Well nothing, those are just sketches from the time I was watching the movies.

Moving on.

I never thought that those independent spin-off series could take me back into that feeling which I felt back in the days, but boy I was wrong.

Kenobi, Solo, Mandalorian, Andor, force awakens game and many more has kept me wanting more.

Mandalorian is a great example for the spin-off what I will watch, no matter how many seasons they decide to make.

There is a bounty hunter roaming trough the galaxy and having the great adventure of his life.

That’s enough, really!

Same thing with Spider-Man or Batman.
I can watch their adventures without big plot, you just have to make them fight crimes and it’s enough.

I’m entertained easily, with the Star Wars universe.
Some point, someone asked: “why you still get excited about Jason?”
I don’t know, there ain’t no great story or plot twist.
He is just killing everyone, until he gets killed… then he comes back.

It bugs me not, they can direct tem sequels or reboots, I just don’t care, I still watch ‘em all.

Star Wars is great franchise.
There is absolutely hundreds ways and possibilities how to do these movies and spin-off series, even Spin-off movies.

Rogue 1 is one great example.
Just make an epic war movie, somewhere around the galaxy and you get great stuff.

Could be just my way of looking everything behind the “Star Wars”-glasses, but I don’t care if I’m enjoying it and so far, I see myself entertained.

Good for you Lucasfilm, keep up the good work.

Yours. “Galaxy digger” Jay

Summer is so close, I can feel it already…

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We are literally so close.

Winter at here on the north side of Arctic circle, is too long. In the middle of winter, you’ve get frustrated many times, before spring.

Now we are at the point where summer is going to rumble across the winter.

Spring time is magical and mystical time.

Summer is bursting from the freezing ground.

Winter is holding tight and it’s not ready to give it up.

Snow and sun are having the ancient battle of times.
The eye.
Now it’s time when you can get your bike and E-scoooter on the road.
Asphalt has already warmed so much by the warm of the sun.

There is still lots of snow everywhere and rivers are filled with stiff ice.
Birds have started returning from the southern sides of the world.

I actually saw one house fly… I’m not the fan of those little bugs, but hey… it’s all good if we have summer.
Summer is my favorite time of the year because after the long winter you almost have forgotten all the joy.

Sound horrible, but after freezing time spring is like grand price.

Sun is shining more and more every day, darkness of the winter really gets under your skin.

It almost feels like some weird phenomenon when you see the sun coming up on the horizon.

I have born in the dark time of the year and I love darkness, but midnight sun is coming and I’m ready to welcome it.

Yours. “Summer lover” Jay

Sunday funday!

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Sunny sunday like currently makes me happy.
There is so many ways of spending lazy days and I’m sticking with arts today.
Started my day with good healthy breakfast and playing guitar.

As writing this blog, I’m listening morning playlist from Apple music. Morning playlist

Day is turning slowly towards the Monday and I must get back to work.

Working between your art and inspiration is quite bummer, but there is this crisis going on global.

Every household item prices and food prices has gone high like a rocket.
Can’t left mentioned electricity price or petrol, which by the way are so high right now.

Pretty much everything I managed to earn from work, goes to staying alive.

Would be fun to have even small amount of money for something extra, but no.
Political superheroes has done their duty, there is absolutely zero money to spend.

It’s really weird because not so long ago, you could earn extra and after paying dues, you had money for hobbies and even spare for culture.

Damn, you could even buy a t-shirt now and then, or pair of new sneakers.
These days, working is not reasonable thing to do.

In Finland there is so many people who are called: “Working class poor”
It means you are living with so low payment that you can barely survive.

Me myself, I’m one of those people.
The point where it’s not reasonable to work anymore is so close.
Without working you could have so much more opportunities, which in my opinion is dumb.

I have worked my whole life, never it has crossed my mind that I would stopped working.
Politics has driven our country in the position where you are punished for working… strange huh?

Mostly I survive because I have bought two freezers.
When salary comes, I go and buy protein for the month from evening sale.

Evening sale in grocery store means, that product like meat and chicken which are closing the “best before” date are sold -60%
It’s really nice system and you don’t have to starve.

I do have solar power system on the roof of my house, so next six months I’m able to survive with the electricity.

In the time of this six months I have to prepare for the upcoming dark winter time.

Everything extra will be used at the winter time, so there is no chance to make something extra.

Capoeira Taz
So many good workers in this country are at the same loophole.
One woman told story how she had three jobs, but she had to stop the third job because she had not enough money to work.

That’s so wrong, in so many levels.
We are slowly slipping in to the dystopia where no one is working, because you just don’t get paid enough.

This can’t be good for the small shops and owners.

For example:
If me or my kids needs a barber, it’s me doing it.
I have no skills, but I have a scissors and machine.
Clothes are from donations and second hand stores.
Every sports equipment are bough used.
If you want restaurant food, I’m making it at home, same with the burgers and fries.
Movie theater is “no go” and we watch movies at home.

Not by a long shot, we have a chance to go and listen live music. Same thing with museum and culture.

This must touch those hard working shop owners.
Heart of skulls
I was talking recently with my friend who owns a gallery for arts.
He has reduced his gallery by half.
Rent for the gallery is quite much and working area has gone smaller.

I asked why?

He told me that “if working class don’t have money to buy food, what do you think?.. are they gonna buy artifacts, or paintings hanging to the walls..?”

Well no, it’s quite opposite of that.

Time has changed, we just have to adapt.

Maybe some day I have enough money to use, but at the moment, I’m truly trying to enjoy the life as it is.

You just have to believe that better days are coming.

Yours. “Happily poor” Jay

Saturday sketching for fun!

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Suddenly it’s again Saturday.
What a fun day, bought myself new strings for guitar and ate at restaurant.

Sun is shining and at the moment I’m sipping red wine, while listening new album from the one and only Metallica.

(New album) Metallica - 72 seasons

What a kick ass album this is.

I love this new fast Metallica.

When I was teen, almost every at my school listened Metallica.

Not me, my favorite bands at the time was Slayer, Anhrax, Megadeth, Manowar and Sepultura.

Sure I did listen also Metallica but not quite much.
After Battery album I started to listen more.

These days I just love Metallica.

Younger me spend much time at the library music section, mostly because I wanted to copy those album covers.

Halloween and Manowar both had so cool cover art at the time.
There was many bands that I did never listened, but few of those not so mainstream bands got my attention with the cover art.

I did have only cassette player at home and the cover art of those were not so cool as the LP covers were.

I still remember the first CD that I bought, it was Pantera - Vulgar display of power.

Main reason was the blue skull on the cover.
When I played it first time, I was blown away.
It’s still one of my favorites these days and every time I hear something from Pantera, no matter where I salute with my horns up.
Copy of the clown
I’m pretty sure that younger me would be SO INSPIRED about the modern bands like Slipknot.

This new Metallica album is one to check.
It’s like weird adaptation of country rock with the speed metal twist.

Drumming on this album is something special, I don’t know why I love it, but it gets me on the headbangers feeling.
This album will be on my party list, no doubt about it.

I have few books from Metallica, but those are made by some rock reporters and I like to read autobiography of the persons of themselves.

I have been waiting a book from James Hedfield himself, but maybe he is not ready yet.

Yours. “Headbanger” Jay


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Have you ever waited weekend anxiously…?

My working hours are always from Monday to Friday.

After long week when Friday finally arrives, you can just kick your boots in the corner and start doing things you love.

At weekends I have time to do art, play music, watch movies and spend time with fam and friends.

Sure I do these things at week days, but mainly after the hobbies and exercises.

Sleeping is really important part of life, but I have always been nocturnal being.

I don’t even remember when I have started to sleep before midnight.
Every day to me is a day with art.
I’m creating all kind art, mostly drawings.

Night time is perfect time for creativity.
My inspiration kicks in around 22pm.

In some cases I have to “kill” inspiration before I can sleep.

It’s really hard thing to do, but necessary when you’ll have to wake up early.

In perfect world, I would let my inspiration guide me trough the day.
R.F Donald
One of my favorite things to create is, R.F styled drawings for all those hot rod lovers out there.

(Rat Fink is one of several hot rod characters created by artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, one of the originators of Kustom Kulture of automobile enthusiasts. Roth conceived Rat Fink as an anti-hero to Mickey Mouse.)

Funny style to draw and it’s so close to my own style.
”Big Daddy” has always been so big influence at my work.
Back to the original idea.

I love holidays and weekends.

“Mini-holidays” has been my kind of way to survive in this chaotic world surrounding us.

To me, it takes only few hours and absolutely non jet lag when I’m turning my weekday clock to the holiday clock.
At first day, no matter if the holiday is one day or month.

I’m immediately at turn around point.

It takes zero effort to be on the other time zone.

In a blink of an eye, I can toss myself in to the road of inspiration.

If you haven’t never try it, do it!

Yours. “Inspiration junkie” Jay

Johann Schmidt had said it well..

desenho, Drawing

Here is one for you!

Have you ever watched any MCU movies?

First of all, the audience of these movies are the most anticipated and psychotic, hardcore super fans!

These people are amazing with small details.
Great amusement for myself, is these guys updating into YouTube after movie.

They will find even smallest details, because they watch each movie in slow speed.
All this just for the Easter eggs?!?

I love these peoples, I adore the enthusiasm and that amount of effort, what they are using just for the likes.

Most of these HC-fans probably even don’t want these movies, because film director has thought something different in his mind and ruined it.

Sure the main stories must follow original story lines, but they always change something…
I’m quite sure they’ll do it just to bug those guys.

Exactly the same reason must be for all those small Easter eggs on film.
Holy Shit
Hiding all funny small things in the film must be funny thing to do.

When you know that your most pickiest audience is those, who will find EVERYTHING that you’ll hide.

No matter how clever you think you are, you’re playing the losing game.

These guys are using 0.25x speed, so even the smallest details will be drawn to the daylight.

They also have huge amount of followers like me, who discusses about the new
theories in the comments section.

Normally, after the theory and Easter eggs, they say: “let me know, if you noticed something which I did not, let me know on the comment section below.”

Only way to scramble their brains is the thing what Russo brothers do.

For example:
“If you freeze the movie in certain point, you will find some random cars plate and those numbers are for some old magazine.”

I’m amazed by this, it blows me away every single time!

Do they really have secret groups of nerds on the payroll, must be…dunno…
“We are Legion and we are many”
I have always been a great fan of conspiracy theories no matter what’s the suspect.

If someone is ready to see something what others don’t, it’s worth of mentioning.

Sometimes these wild accusations are just off, but weirdly crazier the theory, it makes more sense.

MCU made “What If?” Animation and that was a bullseye!
IMDb link for “What If..?”
If you love MCU like I, this is one to watch. Check it out.

Remember one funny thing.
These Marvel movies made me change my style to watch movies.
Every time I found myself waiting in theatre waiting the post credit scene.

Weird huh?

Even more funny is that I’m making reminders for my calendar for the next upcoming movie trailers.

Back in the days, there were nothing to compare with this.

Yours. “MCU Hardcore Fan” Jay