Nature —> photos—> perfection… (Repeat)

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Oh my oh my… how I always have loved taking pictures in the nature, especially at the summer time.
All the colors and reflections with sun, are just perfect spots to shoot.

Mostly my photo sessions are at sunny days in the middle of the summer.
Let’s face it, at the winter time there is many things to photograph, like aurora borealis, but sun makes everything look so warm.

I also like to take photos in city area, but it’s a different story.

These photos you’re about to see, is taken around summer to autumn.
Inside the heart of the river”
”Rainbow bridge”
”Railroad bridge”

“There is something mysterious about the river..”

Give me sun”
Reflection of the river”
Sometimes funny thing happens when you’re checking the camera roll after the photo shoot.

It’s weird when you have seen the photos trough the lens and you just know the photo is perfect, but when you watch the photo from the laptop, it blows me away.

I use three different cameras, Canon, GoPro and iPhone.
It depends on the spot which I use.

Some photos must be fixed but mostly they are just originals.

After good photo session I do have something like twenty good shots and the rest are average.

Sure my enthusiasm of the finding the perfect click, makes me destroy the most of the pictures.

These are great ones for the screen saver or for the postcards. Although, mostly I just keep them in my photo folders.

Perhaps when I’m ready to be judged, I’m going to throw a gallery somewhere, who knows…

Yours. “Perfect click seeker” Jay