||||•Mobile slavery•||||

I have made cartoon since I was a little boy.

Back in the days, we did not have any kind paper so I must draw for anything paper-ish…

My old man was so frustrated, when every milk carton, bills, newspaper corners were filled with drawings.
My fighting ninja cartoons were living life by themselves.

Sincerely younger version of me wasn’t frustrated about the fact, that I had to make my art to the milk carton or some random letter sheets.
The inspiration took me to the places, in yet I was happy creating stories from my head.

Too bad I don’t have any of those old cartoons anymore.
Anyhoo, still after all these years, I find myself drawing dark black and white cartoons, which doesn’t make any sense.

The next story got influenced by the behavior of people who are so addicted by their mobile phones.

Check it out!

“The beginning…”

Page 1.

“Nightmare begins…”


“End of the dream..”

Page. 3


Page 4.


Page. 5

Conclusion and the beginning of the new era…”

Page. 6

The end…?

That’s all from the story called: “Connecting nightmare

Fun fact about the making of:

First page was last and last page was second.
Rest of the story, just found places naturally.

Normally when I take notes or write stories, there ain’t no beginning or the end.
There is only some ideas that will come to something.

Same thing happens when I’m drawing cartoons.
There is some sort of idea about the story, but the cartoon process is just one tornado where pictures fly around.

Hopefully you enjoyed this story, even though there ain’t no logic.

Yours. Jay

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