There will be judgement day!

New day, newly found QUARANZINE!

I remember when I was making this zine, there was Christopher Nolans first Batman on TV and I got the idea from there.

Must say, Cristian bale was bit different than the Batman in my zine, but it was quarantine time going on.

Oh and the feature picture has nothing to do with this zine.
Last night I was watching Terminator movie, where Terminator was called “Pops” because he was so damn old.
He even had some mechanical problems with his robot hands.

This makes me thinking: “How old he can go..?”
It the living tissue over the exoskeleton get older like human..?
Could he have some sort of robotic-dementia?

Killing all them people, because primary functions are shutting down.

So came the Terminator: Rise of the Nursing home idea.
Should I tell this idea to James Cameron?

Dunno, let’s get on with this miniature zine, where Gothams dark knight has pretty many “normal” problems to solve.
Cover of the “Gothams Finest”
Problem and solution
Quarantine crime rate
Risk group
Dark night activities
Inner dinner
Utility-belt to the rescue
Face timing fun
Have to admit, the quarantine time made me do art which had so much influence from the Covid-19 situation.

So many times I found myself doing drawings, or zines related with ongoing situation.

This scrapbooking/drawing style I have mastered when I was just a kid.

There were no Internet or any place, (except library) for copying art or cartoons.

Mainly scrapbooking stuff came from old magazine and random advertisements posters.

I remember those small magazines which had one small page, full size of band shirts to mail order.

If there was small picture about some band shirt, I did use a magnifying glass and draw it to the paper.

Also I went to the library to see old LP records, to copy cover art.

If you put all this together, you’ve got scrapbooking, drawing zines.

Oh happy memories…
These days, only few clicks and you got everything you can imagine.
Can’t say “everything was better”

Hope you enjoyed this lost and found quaranzine.

Yours. “Scrapbooking” movie addict Jay

||||•Mobile slavery•||||

I have made cartoon since I was a little boy.

Back in the days, we did not have any kind paper so I must draw for anything paper-ish…

My old man was so frustrated, when every milk carton, bills, newspaper corners were filled with drawings.
My fighting ninja cartoons were living life by themselves.

Sincerely younger version of me wasn’t frustrated about the fact, that I had to make my art to the milk carton or some random letter sheets.
The inspiration took me to the places, in yet I was happy creating stories from my head.

Too bad I don’t have any of those old cartoons anymore.
Anyhoo, still after all these years, I find myself drawing dark black and white cartoons, which doesn’t make any sense.

The next story got influenced by the behavior of people who are so addicted by their mobile phones.

Check it out!

“The beginning…”

Page 1.

“Nightmare begins…”


“End of the dream..”

Page. 3


Page 4.


Page. 5

Conclusion and the beginning of the new era…”

Page. 6

The end…?

That’s all from the story called: “Connecting nightmare

Fun fact about the making of:

First page was last and last page was second.
Rest of the story, just found places naturally.

Normally when I take notes or write stories, there ain’t no beginning or the end.
There is only some ideas that will come to something.

Same thing happens when I’m drawing cartoons.
There is some sort of idea about the story, but the cartoon process is just one tornado where pictures fly around.

Hopefully you enjoyed this story, even though there ain’t no logic.

Yours. Jay