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Have you ever waited weekend anxiously…?

My working hours are always from Monday to Friday.

After long week when Friday finally arrives, you can just kick your boots in the corner and start doing things you love.

At weekends I have time to do art, play music, watch movies and spend time with fam and friends.

Sure I do these things at week days, but mainly after the hobbies and exercises.

Sleeping is really important part of life, but I have always been nocturnal being.

I don’t even remember when I have started to sleep before midnight.
Every day to me is a day with art.
I’m creating all kind art, mostly drawings.

Night time is perfect time for creativity.
My inspiration kicks in around 22pm.

In some cases I have to “kill” inspiration before I can sleep.

It’s really hard thing to do, but necessary when you’ll have to wake up early.

In perfect world, I would let my inspiration guide me trough the day.
R.F Donald
One of my favorite things to create is, R.F styled drawings for all those hot rod lovers out there.

(Rat Fink is one of several hot rod characters created by artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, one of the originators of Kustom Kulture of automobile enthusiasts. Roth conceived Rat Fink as an anti-hero to Mickey Mouse.)

Funny style to draw and it’s so close to my own style.
”Big Daddy” has always been so big influence at my work.
Back to the original idea.

I love holidays and weekends.

“Mini-holidays” has been my kind of way to survive in this chaotic world surrounding us.

To me, it takes only few hours and absolutely non jet lag when I’m turning my weekday clock to the holiday clock.
At first day, no matter if the holiday is one day or month.

I’m immediately at turn around point.

It takes zero effort to be on the other time zone.

In a blink of an eye, I can toss myself in to the road of inspiration.

If you haven’t never try it, do it!

Yours. “Inspiration junkie” Jay



In Finland we don’t hug trees, we tackle them..

(former Scrum player nr.1) aka “meat head”

WOWZA!! I did found one cartoon zine from the time, when we just had Covid-19 madness getting started.

There was the toilet paper hoarding going on, and we almost run out of it…NOT!

People around this country panicked super fast and that’s the reason for this zine.

Check it out!
Page 1.
Page 2.
Page 3.
Page 4
Page 5.
This was the point for no return.. 
“NO BACKSIES” like we tend to say.

I was so surprised when grocery store was swarming with people in panic, buying toilet paper.

Hard to understand because there were absolutely zero change that we would run out of toilet paper.

Nearly two-thirds of Finland is blanketed by thick woodlands, making it the most densely forested country in Europe.

And we make toilet paper, so yeah..
I did not hoard paper and still got my ass wiped.

Moving on..
Page 6.
Page 7.
Page 8.
It’s weird thing what we Homo Sapiens react like citizens of Springfield. 
(The Simpsons)
Someone just says something and in no time, you have the WHOLE city walking with wooden sticks and torches in hand, ready to act.

Media has unbelievable influence for masses, must say.

What a fun piece to find, when quarantine time is just old memory back in my head.

Felt like I found some old diary, because it’s easy to ride by the memory lane, using art as your imagination tool.

I think that digging in these drawers, is new fun thing to do.. perhaps next time I will check old diaries.

Stay safe!

Yours. Jay

||||•Mobile slavery•||||

I have made cartoon since I was a little boy.

Back in the days, we did not have any kind paper so I must draw for anything paper-ish…

My old man was so frustrated, when every milk carton, bills, newspaper corners were filled with drawings.
My fighting ninja cartoons were living life by themselves.

Sincerely younger version of me wasn’t frustrated about the fact, that I had to make my art to the milk carton or some random letter sheets.
The inspiration took me to the places, in yet I was happy creating stories from my head.

Too bad I don’t have any of those old cartoons anymore.
Anyhoo, still after all these years, I find myself drawing dark black and white cartoons, which doesn’t make any sense.

The next story got influenced by the behavior of people who are so addicted by their mobile phones.

Check it out!

“The beginning…”

Page 1.

“Nightmare begins…”


“End of the dream..”

Page. 3


Page 4.


Page. 5

Conclusion and the beginning of the new era…”

Page. 6

The end…?

That’s all from the story called: “Connecting nightmare

Fun fact about the making of:

First page was last and last page was second.
Rest of the story, just found places naturally.

Normally when I take notes or write stories, there ain’t no beginning or the end.
There is only some ideas that will come to something.

Same thing happens when I’m drawing cartoons.
There is some sort of idea about the story, but the cartoon process is just one tornado where pictures fly around.

Hopefully you enjoyed this story, even though there ain’t no logic.

Yours. Jay