Oh zine me up before you go go..

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As family man, zine ideas are just floting out there.

This next one represents the hard day of my kid.
Even he laughed about when I let him see this zine.

Parenthood has is weird thing, sometimes you could just record everything and it would be like well scripted stand up comedy show or we’ll acted sitcom.

Watching siblings fighting about who disturbes who, it’s quite entertaining.

Mainly as adult, you’ll have to be negotiator, pries, ref, and the sound of reason.

When you draw the daily things or use the ways of drama, or the easier to understand how silly your actions are.

Here is an example of parenting tips.

Cover and caption
Weather problems
Fruit problems
Hunger games
Activity problems
Culinary problems
Sugar problems
Sugar problems conclusion
Always entertaining to see, how even the small teeny weeny things turn into a massive problems.

It’s still part of growth, in my opinion.

There is also some “spice” in these problems and the spices are called big sisters…
My god how effective is, when big sister pokes little brother at the right moment.

That situation is equal in the situation where you poor some petrol in the flames.

I never had the opportunity in my life where I would have change to fight with my sister, she has never been around.

Perhaps this sibling fights prepares these tiny humans to be tough in life later on.

Next one I want to give you a compliment book of the week.
One compliment a day is good way to start.

Check it out.

Can’t we all just start calling it “WENSDAY”..?

Some of ‘em are quite korny, but you’ll get the idea.

Everyone likes compliments, some of people get confused when you say something nice, but I think it’s risk what I have to take. 8/10 person likes when you say something nice and don’t forget, sometimes nice things finds you later on.

It’s like karma, but ain’t no bitch.

You can talk sweet thing with the tongue of the dragon but if you don’t have nothing nice to say, be quiet.

Also silence is golden, in some cases.
Be yourself and remember to smile, it confuses people.

If I don’t remember wrong, there is about 60 muscles in your face and you’ll need only six of those to smile.

Not so big effort, right?

Yours “Nice person” Jay

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