Johann Schmidt had said it well..

desenho, Drawing

Here is one for you!

Have you ever watched any MCU movies?

First of all, the audience of these movies are the most anticipated and psychotic, hardcore super fans!

These people are amazing with small details.
Great amusement for myself, is these guys updating into YouTube after movie.

They will find even smallest details, because they watch each movie in slow speed.
All this just for the Easter eggs?!?

I love these peoples, I adore the enthusiasm and that amount of effort, what they are using just for the likes.

Most of these HC-fans probably even don’t want these movies, because film director has thought something different in his mind and ruined it.

Sure the main stories must follow original story lines, but they always change something…
I’m quite sure they’ll do it just to bug those guys.

Exactly the same reason must be for all those small Easter eggs on film.
Holy Shit
Hiding all funny small things in the film must be funny thing to do.

When you know that your most pickiest audience is those, who will find EVERYTHING that you’ll hide.

No matter how clever you think you are, you’re playing the losing game.

These guys are using 0.25x speed, so even the smallest details will be drawn to the daylight.

They also have huge amount of followers like me, who discusses about the new
theories in the comments section.

Normally, after the theory and Easter eggs, they say: “let me know, if you noticed something which I did not, let me know on the comment section below.”

Only way to scramble their brains is the thing what Russo brothers do.

For example:
“If you freeze the movie in certain point, you will find some random cars plate and those numbers are for some old magazine.”

I’m amazed by this, it blows me away every single time!

Do they really have secret groups of nerds on the payroll, must be…dunno…
“We are Legion and we are many”
I have always been a great fan of conspiracy theories no matter what’s the suspect.

If someone is ready to see something what others don’t, it’s worth of mentioning.

Sometimes these wild accusations are just off, but weirdly crazier the theory, it makes more sense.

MCU made “What If?” Animation and that was a bullseye!
IMDb link for “What If..?”
If you love MCU like I, this is one to watch. Check it out.

Remember one funny thing.
These Marvel movies made me change my style to watch movies.
Every time I found myself waiting in theatre waiting the post credit scene.

Weird huh?

Even more funny is that I’m making reminders for my calendar for the next upcoming movie trailers.

Back in the days, there were nothing to compare with this.

Yours. “MCU Hardcore Fan” Jay

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