“Long Friday” aka “Good Friday” aka “Friyay!

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I’ve learned something today, quite funny thing.

The name of the Easter Friday in Finland is called by name “pitkä perjantai” (long Friday) and it comes from the Swedish translation “långfredag”

Back in the days it has been called “Long Friday” in England, but over the years the name have adapted to the “Good Friday”

Many Romance languages, Neo-Latin and Latin languages it’s called “holy Friday” like in France “Vendredi saint” and in Germany “Karfreitag” this actually highlights the word “Kar” which is old Germany and means sorrow.

Slavic languages uses the “great Friday”
For example, in Estonia it’s “suur reede”

So many ways to say it, but “Good Friday” works for me.

Perhaps in the time the name will change to the “Perfect Friday” or maybe even to “AWESOME FRIDAY”

I prefer the “EPIC FRIYAY!” *woop woop

If I do remember right the meaning off this day has something to do with the one who died on the cross.
Even the church color today is BLACK.
In the church they use to assemble five roses to the altar, symbolizing the blood of the Christ.

After all it’s the day of joy, because all the sins are gone…

I’m not quite sure about that anymore, but hey… what do I know.

I just got stuck with name of the day.

Let’s move on to the caricatures of the day.
Hello America!
This got me laughing literally my ass off!

Mr. Bean though that giving the finger in the traffic is all American way to say hello.
That movie was so entertaining and fun.

If you stopped wondering about the clown on the featured image, it’s called “Nasse-Uncle”
When I was young, he was on TV, quite drunk, swearing and shouting to the kids.
He was saying: “Nasse-Uncle is very, very angry”
That imitating look and violent behavior felt funny when you were a kid, trying to understand the world of adults.

Clowns might be funny, but these days they are most likely on the killing spree, that’s why I added the knife and darker twist on this caricature.

Actor is no longer with us, Rest In Peace.
Renny Harlin
Next we have one of the best action directors of the time.
I remember when the Gliffhanger movie hit to the theater.

I’ve never felt so excited in the movies, watching someone just climbing on the mountain.

There was one big Gliffhanger-movie prop show, where you could see the plane they used in the movie, all kind of cool gadgets and stuff from the film.
There was even a painting which was in the movie and tour guy told that Mr. Stallone had paint it himself.
I never forget the moment where special effects guy showed how those bullet holes are made to the airplane.
I even touched the parachute they used at the film.

Renny has directed so many great movies and his way of making action movies is unique.
Hopefully he will get the next big movie noticed big time.
Slash from the Snakepit
He is the man who gets recognized just by the hat!

I’m listening Slash <——-Check it out!

I must say, I’m big fan of Slash.
I’ve just finished reading the autobiography of him and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested about the rock ‘n’ roll.

Life of that man has been an epic roller coaster, with so many unbelievable turns.
He is the man who knows everyone and everyone knows him.

I watched one concert clip, where Slash were playing with B.B King and in some point Mr. King watched to the Slash like: “Wow, kid got skills”
I mean come on… B.B King himself.

There is also one video of Slash playing epic guitar solo with Michael Jackson.
If you haven’t seen that video, stop everything you are doing right now and open YouTube.

Write “Slash solo Michael Jackson” you won’t regret, I promise you that.

That’s all for the day, enjoy your Saturday and rock on!

Yours. “Wonderer Jay”

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