Saturday sketching for fun!

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Suddenly it’s again Saturday.
What a fun day, bought myself new strings for guitar and ate at restaurant.

Sun is shining and at the moment I’m sipping red wine, while listening new album from the one and only Metallica.

(New album) Metallica - 72 seasons

What a kick ass album this is.

I love this new fast Metallica.

When I was teen, almost every at my school listened Metallica.

Not me, my favorite bands at the time was Slayer, Anhrax, Megadeth, Manowar and Sepultura.

Sure I did listen also Metallica but not quite much.
After Battery album I started to listen more.

These days I just love Metallica.

Younger me spend much time at the library music section, mostly because I wanted to copy those album covers.

Halloween and Manowar both had so cool cover art at the time.
There was many bands that I did never listened, but few of those not so mainstream bands got my attention with the cover art.

I did have only cassette player at home and the cover art of those were not so cool as the LP covers were.

I still remember the first CD that I bought, it was Pantera - Vulgar display of power.

Main reason was the blue skull on the cover.
When I played it first time, I was blown away.
It’s still one of my favorites these days and every time I hear something from Pantera, no matter where I salute with my horns up.
Copy of the clown
I’m pretty sure that younger me would be SO INSPIRED about the modern bands like Slipknot.

This new Metallica album is one to check.
It’s like weird adaptation of country rock with the speed metal twist.

Drumming on this album is something special, I don’t know why I love it, but it gets me on the headbangers feeling.
This album will be on my party list, no doubt about it.

I have few books from Metallica, but those are made by some rock reporters and I like to read autobiography of the persons of themselves.

I have been waiting a book from James Hedfield himself, but maybe he is not ready yet.

Yours. “Headbanger” Jay

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