Question of the day..?

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How do you unwind after a demanding day?

Hear me hear me!!! I have a method!!

Unwinding the day needs many steps.
I have noticed that every day might be different, but unwind method won’t have to be.

Running and going toy the gym works sometimes, but the best way is going to the secret place.

I have my “hiding spot” plain sight, in the corner of the room.

It’s called the “activity corner”

Yup, it’s not so secret and hidden yet, but after I buy my first “Wayne-Mansion” I’m definitely building book shelf with a secret entrance..
Activity corner
In the corner, there is many things to concentrate.

Here is few for example:

• Guitars (electric and acoustic)
• Jew harp
• Rythm egg/ cacixi
• PlayStation controller
• pencils and notebooks
• lots of paper (for drawing)
• music headphones
• knitting equipment
• many different scissors
• glue and stuff for scrapbooking
• Camera and action camera
• magazines

Activity corner must be ready for every kind of situation.

You never know what you want to do when trying to unwind the day.

Of course music has big part of my process and I couldn’t even imagine unwinding the day without music.

Singing helps too, but I think my vocals are so bad that everyone around me need unwind method after hearing me sing.

Have to admit, my corner looks like a place where serial killer is lurking and planning the next horrible act of violence.

After all, it’s my corner and my method so who cares?

I know I won’t.

Try it, give it a chance.

Perhaps you’ll find your own lurking little psycho… but be careful, you might like it.

Yours. “Ghoul of the corner” Jay

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