Daily prompt!

Drawing, question

When do you feel most productive?

“Boho wagon”
I know the answer!!!

Every single time when I’m enjoying myself.

- If I’m just sitting on the bench, feet in the river just wondering.

- The moment when I’m hanging around with my “boho wagon”

- Magical hours when I should go to sleep.

-Those moments when you are canoeing in the river and there ain’t no escape.

All you fish cruelty Karen’s out there, in my world it’s food.
“Boho canoe”
It’s weird how you could be most productive, in the moments where you should not.

Perhaps my brains see the opening and activate creativity in me in those specific moments.

The absolute worst time for the inspiration is the golden moment before sleep. That is the main reason why I don’t sleep much. Normal night for me is 4-5 hours sleep, but I sleep so deep that I barely move. It’s like a coma when I’min the REM-stage.

Inspiration moves hand to hand with productivity in my case.

I’m like those nocturnal creatures. At the night time when everyone is sleeping, I’m doing many things.

This has always been the “normal” to me.
Of course M.D’s have their concerns, but I have lived like this for so long time. Perhaps on the older days I’m starting to have a naps, someone told me that’s what the elders do.

Hmm… Makes you thinking…

Yours. “Nocturnal ghoul” Jay


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