Labor party time of the year..?

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Yesterday was party called “Vappu” in here. I’m quite sure, it’s some sort of Labor Day celebration.

I really don’t have place to celebrate this party.

I have three kids and 11 out of ten people of Finland gets shitfaced!

If you have kids and want to cook something with friends, this is the wrong day.

You have to get hammered, it’s the only way! It’s kind of sad, because I often find myself having a best time of my life with my family.
I really don’t have to be drunk to have fun, although I don’t need fun to get drunk.

That was deep man.
70’s look
Labor Day’s broad roots in the Labor movement are clear: President Grover Cleveland signed legislation on June 28, 1894, designating Labor Day a national holiday in the U.S. as a peace offering following a deadly railroad workers’ strike.

But exactly who should count as the “founder” of Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September, has been the subject of debate since the 1890s.

After reading this, I still don’t understand the reason why we celebrate.
I’m a working class, should I thank someone or what?

I’m so confused right now.
Evil dead rise
Perhaps these ”old” party dates just Would be better to take of the calendar.
I sure know How to have fun without some random day called Labor Day or whatsoever.

Have you ever thought, how many “special” days there is on the normal calendar?
There is plenty, I can tell you that.

Maybe someday would be time to update all the calendars, just saying.

There might be few outdated celebration days, which would be easily erased and no one would never missed them.

Yours. “Calendar eraser” Jay

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