Labor party time of the year..?

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Yesterday was party called “Vappu” in here. I’m quite sure, it’s some sort of Labor Day celebration.

I really don’t have place to celebrate this party.

I have three kids and 11 out of ten people of Finland gets shitfaced!

If you have kids and want to cook something with friends, this is the wrong day.

You have to get hammered, it’s the only way! It’s kind of sad, because I often find myself having a best time of my life with my family.
I really don’t have to be drunk to have fun, although I don’t need fun to get drunk.

That was deep man.
70’s look
Labor Day’s broad roots in the Labor movement are clear: President Grover Cleveland signed legislation on June 28, 1894, designating Labor Day a national holiday in the U.S. as a peace offering following a deadly railroad workers’ strike.

But exactly who should count as the “founder” of Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September, has been the subject of debate since the 1890s.

After reading this, I still don’t understand the reason why we celebrate.
I’m a working class, should I thank someone or what?

I’m so confused right now.
Evil dead rise
Perhaps these ”old” party dates just Would be better to take of the calendar.
I sure know How to have fun without some random day called Labor Day or whatsoever.

Have you ever thought, how many “special” days there is on the normal calendar?
There is plenty, I can tell you that.

Maybe someday would be time to update all the calendars, just saying.

There might be few outdated celebration days, which would be easily erased and no one would never missed them.

Yours. “Calendar eraser” Jay

Black like a butthole of the black bull in the moonless night…

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Oh the black work.

For beginning I must say this.
Only the black is my work. IDK the artist of that woman and those small missiles, I do know that picture has something to do with the violent history of Finland.
And the text was something like: “The name is omen”

My brother wants the whole hand inked black.
There is another artist who do the scarification to this hand when it’s ready and by ready, I mean whole black.

There is quite job to do when your objective is to get inked black.
Backgrounds black.
Brother loved this lady in his hand and wanted to keep her untouched.
I say it again, only the black are my work.

Had to use SO big needle in this.
13 magnum were the smallest and the 30 was biggest.
I even had to change my power unit for the “oldie” version, which allows enough power to the tattoo gun.

Power unit what I normally use, works just fine with needles as big as 13, but 30 is too much.
It’s even visually painful to make this big blackwork.

Customer really needs some attitude for sitting out session like this.
Of course the wrist area is painful, but after this much work, everything hurts like hell… Even the sound of the machine hurts, believe it or not.

Keep yourself hydrated in the progress…

Bombs away
When you’re moving to the armpit area, it’s even worse than the wrist area.
Been there, done them both and didn’t like it.

Still I have to say from my experience, neck and chest are the worst for big coloring work.

Moving around the bombs, I had to change 13 round shader.
Especially this needle is so fine to use in those tight turns, I love to use it!
Another side of the wrist
In this point, my brother was exhausted from hours of work…
Can’t blame him, there was so much tattooing behind already.
I could continued longer but pain was growing too much to handle in this point.

We finished in the wrist and must say, that was brave thing to do in one session.

Yes there will be still few sessions before we are done, but this is a great start.

Scarification to be completely done, your “canvas” needs to be whole black and healed well.

After healing those black areas will be cut and the cuts will heal as new scars, or something like that.

I’m not sure, I have never seen scarification in my life.

This kind of body modifications are not my cup of tea, I’m staying in tattoos ad piercings.

Stay cool people.

Yours. “Blackworker” Jay