Movies, movies, movies..

(Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing)
Well hello peeps.

I have watched few movies in my life and time to time I get surprised at movies.
Definitely shocked I was when watched the Quantumania, where MCU proudly presented one of the most iconic and goofiest character ever.
M.O.D.O.K Was made just like in the comics, oversized head and tiny legs with small shiny butt.
Haven’t been so excited about any comic crossover for long long time.
Not surprised that the INTERNET divided for the haters and lovers, count me in to the lovers.
I have spend most of my life watching B-rated horror movies and it always gives me the tickles, when someone takes something goofy to the big screen.
It’s good thing that someone rattles the gages and don’t get me wrong, M.O.D.O.K was totally badass in the film…
Well, moving on..
“Ultimate catch”
Haw haw… YES!!! 

Newest Prey movie told us the story from the Predator origins, or something like that.

This film was almost good as Mr.Olympia’s epic battle in the jungle and mud.
Sure there was few things that made me think, is this from the time where that musket pistol came to the hand of Danny “I’m too old for this shit” Glover or was that earlier.
If I do remember right, there was one Predator story, where he fought against Pirate Captain?!? WOOOT?!?
Yup, that’s right, but not on the big screen yet.

Fingers crossed, maybe in the future Jack Sparrow vs Predator will air.

Of course after the Predator vs Tarzan
(who’s the real king of the jungle)

This takes me back, kiddo found original dvd of Disney’ Tarzan from the second hand shop, same evening I watched the Prey, so no need to explain myself right?

Moving on…
“Kevin a.k.a John Kramer a.k.a Jigsaw

I know, favorite childhood Christmas movie just like the movie Die Hard or Gremlins.
Well here is some facts about Kevin, that’s sweet angel.

1. Kevin liked to record his voice to the recorder.
Hmm… that reminds me: “Do you wanna play the game?”

2. Saw 2 basement looks like pretty much same basement what Kevin was afraid of in the Home Alone movie.
John and Kevin filled the basement with traps.

3. Home Alone neighbor (yeah, that scary old tard) was lured to fix his lost connection with his son, John did the same many times.. what a charmer, manipulative as hell..

4.Kevin lured the Wet-Bandits to his uncles house(Home Alone 2), which was full of surprises.. John did the same, but oh boy those traps were so much more effective.

5. As kid, Kevin loosed his temper many times and showed violent behavior, so many times.. and we laughed..

6. Jigsaw made his victims to walk on the glass. Hmm, why that sounds so familiar? THOSE CHRISTMAS DECOS!!

7. Once Jigsaw put the antidote to the oven, you had to crawl trough the oven and face your fears getting burned. Pointless to remind what glowing fire-monster was at the Kevin’s basement, which scared the shit out of him..

8. Kid did show violent behavior, his whole family terrorized him, especially Buzz and let’s not forget the guardian who abandoned him two times… That kinda childhood would traumatized anyone, but he found a way to build childhood fears in deadly traps as grow up.. Probably most effective way to deal with your fears is facing them, or at least let some poor bastard face them and give ‘em a lesson while doing it..

Or maybe it’s not related and it’s just my imagination, but I bet you that, next time when you watch Home Alone, it will be different…
Just saying..

Yours. Jay