The day when the streaming killed the TV

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Have you noticed how much have changed?

No, I don’t mean the world, I mean the TV.

Not so long ago, TV was really important part of the peoples lives.

I remember that time, when we were playing outdoors and suddenly, from nowhere it struck like a lightning bolt!!!
Every kid knew it… New episode of MacGyver on TV!

Every kid from the street vanished in a blink.

I’m not saying that there ain’t no excitement anymore, but almost every TV-show has these “extra” shows and “inside episode” panels.
Have you heard: “For extra cost, you’ll get more” or “you can watch the next episode from somewhere.
Streaming and cloud services has ruined it from me, I know that for sure…

For example: “If you tell me about some cool TV-series, which I have never heard, in a week I’ve watched all 7 seasons!” DONT HAVE TO WAIT RERUNS NOMORE.

Sure, to all you nerds out there shouting: “he’s wrong, there is plenty of series airing only one episode at time”

Of course there is, almost every one of them, except those which air on streaming services and yeah, you’re not completely wrong, but we have internet. Hah! In your face!!

No more waiting.. I want all the seasons and I want ‘em now!!

Squid game is a perfect example.

Some friend of mine told about this cool “Korean TV-series”
I would skip it in a blink, but I have watched many great Korean horror flicks, so I was like: “let’s give it a try”

Very next week I’ve watched the whole season and found myself finding information from internet, about the season 2

The “New normal” is to wait the finale then watch the whole series in a few days.

I’m old fashioned with methods like this.
I love to wait the next episode and gossip about the upcoming twist turns.
Sadly, it is harder than it used to be…
I’m not a fan of those American “Midseason breaks” but understand how important is build up the hype.
Haven’t you heard about the new upcoming Beetlejuice?

Well I have and I’ve been waiting it for so long.
Only question to ask: “what kind of character will Johnny play in this movie?
Michael Keatons role we know and Winona but what about Depp?
I’m sure that Burton has speed-dial for Mr. Depp, when he is directing a new movie.

Few years after the movie there will be some kick ass spin-off like Wednesday.
E.T phones again
When the time is ready for another E.T movie?
Hopefully never, but I’m still 100 percent sure that this will happen some day.

It’s weird thing about TV series, that streaming services has made TV so much bigger.

Who remembers the Alf?
Could E.T be next Alf?

I remember the first Oscar awards, where someone was thanking Netflix on the price speech.

In that very moment I was blown away… Does this streaming thing really changed everything?

Well it has, these days if there is a Netflix logo on the beginning of the movie or series, it’s almost quarantined spot on!
Masters of the Universe
Heman MOTU had big influence in my life when I was in the kindergarten.

Many of those “life lessons” in the end of the episode teaches things about friendship and life.

Even Heman landed on the Netflix.

And yes, I watched first episode, didn’t like it, Skeletor won and no life lessons.
John Rambo early years
Just wait…

There will be a day when John Rambo will be on streaming services, with new epic adventures.

Of course some of those UFC fighters will take this project, where young John is in the army doing querilla missions in the jungle.

For some reason, all these nostalgic characters keeps coming back, just like your MacGyver.
Perhaps we see modern day Rambo.

But after all this, what’s on TV? I mean actually TV.

Every country has their own series but is there really something good on?

All movies have been watched many times and reruns of friends or two and a half man, been laughed so many times earlier.

Don’t get me started with every channel showing Simpsons and Family guy.

We have crossed the point, where it does not matter anymore which season is on.
It just doesn’t matter anymore.

If you want to watch some special season, it’s easier to go on streaming services.

If you don’t even watch the news from TV, what’s left?
Gaming shows, cooking shows, dating shows?

Let me tell you a secret.

I’m watching Taskmaster UK, but every saturday morning and yes, from streaming services.
Every TV-series is on some streaming service and extras.

There is only on question left to ask:
“What’s the point of TV channels anymore?”

You tell me, I don’t know anymore..

Yours. “TV-Streamer” Jay

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