Booyah! Let me introduce the Punkzine!

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I would like to think that, every punkzine has something really clever, but I must say… most of the times there just ain’t.

Scrapbooking and lettering without actual plan is quite fun. You just need pop culture magazines or something equal to that.
The scissor the shit out of those magazines and start using glue stick.

When you don’t plan your punkzine more than one page a time, the results are better.

What a great way to express your creativity with small effort.
Slaves to the zines
Ink and gods
Mega alpha
Face to face
Sometimes I have thought about the zine festivals.
We don’t have those in this country, probably because not so many has this hobby.
I’ve read many blogs or stories about the zine festivals around the world.

Closest thing here is art galleries where you have to pay for the exhibition.
I think that good way of setting up the zine fest would be a free “second hand” happening, you know like yard sale but bigger.

Maybe someday I find myself at the zine fest, remembering the time when I had to write a blog about it.

Yours. “Zine addict” Jay


fanzines, lettering, zines

(How to understand younger generations)

Folding instructions
Yes I’m old, I know.. but so are many of you, in someday at least.

*Shouting angry
“Back in the my days, we didn’t have red onions..”

- grandpa Simpson
Next zine eases your struggle in this “emoji-abbreviation-filled” planet called: “Earth”

It’s like easy version of understanding the surroundings.

I feel like modern day Bear Grylls, showing this magic to you.

Cover of the magazine
Page 2.
Here is few easy ones, you’ve might even know them.

I’m using these myself because, everyone knows the meaning.

Well almost everyone, but after this zine, we all know!
Page 3.
Page 4.
Now we have little bit less used ones.
Sure that one I got from the machine, but quite many uses word A/C..

Maybe our languages has changed so much in time, or maybe we have gotten more lazy.

Although, laziness and genius Has alway walked side to side.

IDK and IDC..
Page 5
Page 6.
Page 7.
Big beautiful woman?

I must confess, I have absolutely zero idea where this can be used…

In my POV this is bit offensive even that we are living on this body positive world.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned in the way.

“Shaking my head” was also new to me, but now when I know it, I’m definitely starting to use it as daily phrases.

Language all around the world is changing constantly, no matter where you live.

Maybe old native languages stay untouched. IDK…

English has changed so much from the days I started to learn it.

Many of you probably laugh my “English” and definitely for the grammar, but it doesn’t matter at all.
Everyone understands my writings and words that I use.

I’m using it every day and I’m learning new words and phrases daily.
Same thing with Brazilian Portuguese.
Every day I find new ways of saying things.

My native language is Finnish and it has also changed along the years.

There is so many things which has been adapted from Swedish and English to the modern Finnish language.
We also have weird way of saying some of those English words in Finnish and some of them in English.

No one knows why, but it’s a thing.

For example:
Word Apple is pronounced “aple” not like in English, even when people means you know, the Steve Jobs Apple.

Word “Show” on the other hand is pronounced just like in English.

This I think is the most hardest thing in learning the Finnish language…

No one really know why we do it, we just do it.

Yours. “Language detective” Jay

—-Z I N E—— ATTACK——

fanzines, punkzines

Time for some zines, or
”axemurderer” -art like I tend to say.
This scrapbooking style comes from DEEP down childhood.

If I remember right, I was 9years old, when walked in to the so called ”zine festival”… In that second, my mind was blown away.

Everywhere so amazing stuff, made from paper.

Bought one poster with flaming skull, Don’t have it anymore. (Sadface) <——Imaginary emoji for youths.

In that festival I learned how to fold one A4 paper to the small book. Rest is history, I haven’t stopped making zines ever sense.

Whole book
Page 1.
Need no explanation, Vikings drank beer and vomited rainbows..
Page 2.
Use all yer moneys to the booze!
Page 3.
Never visited Ireland, but hundreds of movies can’t be wrong…right?
Page 4.
What a great way to show, you really care for your mate!
Page 5.
Well, I do live on the North side of the Arctic Circle… won’t ever have problem with ice on my drinks.
Page 6.
For some weird reason, in this country you must drink SO much that you almost die in alcohol poisoning, after that everyone cheers you. 
No-one is having a problem with drinking and of course, it’s normal to drink 30+ beer at night or one gallon of pure alcohol.. makes sense.
This is what it looks like without folding.
This paper is smaller than A4, but idea is the same.

This Zine making is definitely my favorite hobbies and I will be posting tons of more soon.

Time to be a happy little axe-murderer!

To the next time people, be nice and happy!

Friendly neighborhood axe murderer Jay