Viking runes tattoo day!

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"Finns have the power of darkness, Finns are wizards"
This was the cry of the Viking warriors who feared nothing...
nothing but the power of the Finns in their dark forests.
-Unknown warrior

Korpiklaani - Album🎵

I just love everything related with Scandinavian mythology and Norse Mythology.

I have born and lived on the north side of Arctic Circle my whole life and this is my heritage.

I’m a north man, living in those dark forests.

I have no sea close to me, but I have forest and thousands of lakes.

This next tattoo has many runes from Norse Mythology and there is also a little twist, which I will explain later on.

First you must watch the picture number 1.
Picture number 1.
There is lots of Runes in this tattoo, eight to be precise.

Some of the runes are in “mirror image” for a reason, which I will reveal in the end of this blog.

List of runes used:

• “Haglaz” or “Hagalaz”
• “Raido” or “Raidho”
• “Othila” or “othala”
• “Berkana” or “Berkano”

• “Eihwaz” or “Ihwaz”
• “Inguz” or “Ingwaz”
• “Wunjo”
• “Ansuz”

I have studied from books and many several places for the meaning for these specific runes and you can do the same from the internet or some place you favor.

Library is a good place to start

This was not so painful place to tattoo. Only the pinky area hurts.
9Round shader was used in the process and 7round shader for the tight spots.

This idea came some time ago, sketched on my notebook while I was on the lecture of history.

This tattoo idea changed many times before the final form.

I’m happy with this and hopefully it will heal well and fast.


This was the hardest part of the picture.
I wanted a writing:
1982 BORN

You have to look upside down to see how we done it.

Check the picture 2.
Picture 2.
There you have it. 

1 9 8 2

Damn it was so hard to make those runes look like writing.

There is also meaning in that “Othala” rune.

If you watch only that rune, you’ll see the head of the deer, which is my spiritual animal and one part of my family heritage name.

There you have it, have a great day!

Yours. “Forest people” Jay

Gone tattooing…


This was shouted when I was a kid and
We were playing one of the most iconic board game.

Actually, I still do.. play this game and shout.

Even the cover of the game looks good.
Check it out.
Star of the Africa

“You had to be the first adventurer, who will find the big-ass diamond called: “African Star”…”

Sure… took some time to make this work, but we finally found the way to make this calf tattoo to look perfect.

We had to keep 2 hour long brainstorm involved with the board game itself.
We copied the map, bandit, fly routes and tribal people.

Tattoo turned out so beautiful and only brain twisting thing was those green shades from the playing board.
There were so many shades of green.

My skilled tattoo mentor did this piece and I’m so happy about it.

Let’s move on to my latest black work oldies.
Diskey Mouse”
First it was only goofy idea which turned to the  tattoo flash.

Diskey Mouse is so stupid idea that it works.

Everyone ever has thought about this in some point, right?

…or… is it really… only me…?

Used only the 9round shader for this work.

Okay, let’s move to the next one.
Let me play you a song of my people. *uumpabuumba*
This little trumpeter idea came from some old art piece.

I still haven’t seen the original, but I sure want to see it.

If all the band members looks like this… I can’t wait.

I used 7round liner for those outlines and 9round shader for fill up.

Shading was made with black/water mixture.
Different shades of grey.
Pure black, 50%, 25%, 10%… and so on.

Grey wash is important part of pants like this, boots are all black.

Let’s check another one.
Smiley face, PunkRock!
Friend brought this flash because he got Nirvana vibes out of it.
I’m also getting those weird Ledger vibes.

This funny punk rock tattoo I made only using 14round liner.

It’s really fun to make oldie outlines with 14round liner or 9round shader.

Both giver good strong lines.
It’s also really effective, when you try to make lines look like ripped.

To the next piece.
Reaper of the bears
This Reaper has deeper darker secret.
It’s already second time when we added more details.

My friend is a legendary bear hunter and every cross is for fallen monster.

He has 6th sense about bears and I’m quite sure that all those mama bears tell horror stories about the reaper of the woods.

Don’t get me wrong, he hunts ‘em only when ordered.
It’s some sort of predator patrol.

Jump ahead..
Ghost of something..

“Tattoo making is really intense art form”

We checked a big pile of tattoo flashes and found this demon head.

7round liner and 9round shader was used for this.

First test with these new “EU approved Inks” probably good thing, dunno… but it works nicely.
Mixes well with water and looks good.

Totally worth of money.

That’s all for now folks, catch you later.

Yours. Jay