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How would you improve your community?

Anything..? Okay..

I would rent a place from the center of the city and create “community leftover center”

Easter is great example.

You are going on short vacation and there is few yoghurt and one carton of milk in the fridge.
There is also a half bag of cereal and rice for maybe two person.
Three eggs, half used butter and cream.

Oh it would be so handy, if there would be place in the community, where you could drop your, still good food before you leave on the vacation.

Normally all these go to the garbage, or for your neighbor.

On the other side, you would have a place where to get cup of sugar, few eggs or decent meal.

Food loss is big problem around here, but so is price of the food. (Thanks politics)

Maybe community fridge/freezer/dry shelf sounds a great idea, but you’ll need the place and money for rent and someone to do it…
Voluntary work, work party and stuff like that is slowly fading away from the world.
Every place you’ll need cash.

Helping hands and shelters are not quite popular in here, I think that mostly because of the “side effects” of the happening like this..
You know, people in need, suffering..

Who wanted to see those when you’re sipping your coffee from Starbucks.

Yours. “Local helping hand” Jay
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What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

First golden moments of the day are crucial for how the day starts.
Of course we have to pick the time of the week, let’s say a weekend.

First hour I do spend in the kitchen.

Music has very important part of this routine.
Normally at morning time, I search the playlist named: “Hotel Lobby” “elevator music” or “breakfast music”

Instrumental backroads without someone yelling their lungs out is the best.
Songs have to be really mellow but energized.

I do grind beans for coffee and have that special method for making a perfect cup.
Sometimes freshly squeezed juice or icy water.

Fruits and vegetables with bread.
Eggs and bacon, but only if I have something sweet, like orange.

I do eat “pre-breakfast” on the process, so I don’t get too hungry doing the actual breakfast.

You know, it takes time.

After an hour I’m ready for breakfast.

I like to go on my reading spot to watch something entertaining from streaming services.
TV-show have to be entertaining and funny, or documentaries with beautiful nature.

National geography is really good for this.

Never I watch anything from phone or laptop.
Also I don’t want to hear any news at all.

After the few hour morning session I’m ready to take everything the world has to offer.

This positive boost gives so much strength for the upcoming day.
Morning platter example
Tiny details.
Devil is in the details!

I’m very visual person, especially at mornings.

Every small detail must be perfectly assembled to the plate.

Also funny thing, I don’t like to eat my breakfast at the kitchen table.
Outdoors is nice, but it have to be perfect weather.

Sometimes when whole family or friends are available, I’m enjoying the talks at the morning routine.
Of course if someone is just watching their phone, I get easily irritated.

I tend to avoid others, because if someone is on the bad mood, there goes my good positive feeling.

So little percentage of people like to be happy at morning time.

Those grumpy faces are like infection which poisons my good mojo.

I have a saying:
“Everything multiplies”

If you take positive thoughts or negativity, it works the same.

Actually mount of negativity can ruin the whole day, but if you have started with huge amount of happy thoughts, it’s really hard to turn to the negativity.

Negativity to the positivity is bit tricky, because those negative thoughts will get stuck inside your head.

Stay happy people!

Yours. “Positivity junkie” Jay
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If you could have something named after you, what would it be?


Think what you want, that would be awesomeness!!

I probably wouldn’t be a beach in the sunny places.

More likely a swamp or small lake next to a peaceful cottage in the middle of nowhere..
Hidden paradise
Those rare encounters with humans or wildlife would be special and the name of the place, “Swamp of Mr. Jay” or “the great lake of the Jay“ It would be something special to remember from your retreat or journey.

All the delicious cloudberries and cranberries what you would find from the swamp, and those ancient forests surrounding the area, would offer you some delicious mushroom and herbs to enjoy.

Every creature who ever encountered the lake, would have own great stories about the great lurking monster catches from the depths of the lake.

Water also would be fresh and so clean that you’ve could drink it.

After a long day, you and all the wildlife would stop in the same spot.

Calming phenomenal beach, inside the paradise.


Yours. “SwampThing” Jay

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

__Educational__NINJA___for hire___

5 years old me was sure that Ninja, is a great occupation for future.

In a short term, I wanted to be some sort of adventure seeker… Ninja..

I’ve had many great adventures in my life, mostly in home country and it has been one wild ride!

Most of kiddos wanted to be Police, or firefighters but not me.

Getting lost somewhere wondering the miracles of life has always been my cup of tea.

Surely I wanted to travel around the world, but I never had the privilege to enjoy things where you need money.

Although I have enjoyed music festivals and gigs where the atmosphere is like you’re in some other country.

Few things have bugged me..

Unbelievable little I have struggled with quicksand on my journey.

As a kid I was hundred percent sure that I must learn the ways how to escape from the quicksand, although I was also completely sure that there is big scorpions everywhere and that you’ll have to fight evil Ninja clans all day long.

Sadly, I have not mastered the way of Ninja and I have never encountered a scorpion.

I’m still sure that some day, I need to use a whip for crossing the canyon.

(This only happens, if there is Ninjas on the other side)

Yours. “Festival junkie” Jay
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What’s something most people don’t understand?

Midnight Sun at Arctic Circle

This is quite tricky to explain to foreign people.

In Lapland at midsummer we have this
phenomenon called: midnight sun.

People who need darkness when sleeping, can have lot of trouble getting sleep, because summertime in here is quite luminous.

Sun won’t go down, it just circles around.

At night it’s not so warm, but sun is shining.

Check these two pictures, so you can see the difference of midnight sun and afternoon sun.

If you used to live in the areas where is dark at night time, this could scramble your brains pretty good.

Afternoon sun
When you are living magical place like I do, you could think that it gets boring after a time.

Well I’ve been living here my entire life and EVERY summer still gets me stunned.

I just can’t get enough photos of this surrounding beautiful nature.

At night time I tend to go to the river canoeing just with my thoughts.
You can only hear the silence and nature calling.

Floating water is one element what I do need in my life, it makes me calm and works like some sort of drug to my inspiration.

After all these years I still find myself lost in the garden, just wondering how could I be this lucky.

So this midnight sun is one thing that I know, most of people around the globe don’t understand.

If you have a TO-DO list, visiting under the midnight sun should appear in your list.

Yours. “Dreamer” Jay

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?


Yes. As 80’s kid I’ve been growing up listening all those coolest hard rock guitar and hard rock bands!

All my life I wanted to learn how to play guitar.
I’m carrying my acoustic everywhere at summertime and I’m learning songs to play almost every day.

Too sad, I don’t understand anything about music theory.
I have borrowed even few notebook theory books from library, but I just don’t get it.

Sure I can play few songs and I have learned many chords, but those notes and theory of understanding music is still over my understanding.
I hope that some day I will meet someone who will explain it all to me.

This is my most wanted ability and I’m slowly going towards to it.

After all, I just enjoy playing guitar and singing all those favorite songs.

I think that music is universal language and even if you don’t understand the theory, you can still have fun!

Yours. “Acoustics nightmare” Jay

What is your favorite type of weather?


No doubt about it..

Where I live, there is freezing weather almost half of the year.

Summer is really short, normally month or two.

When heatwave comes here, people go nuts in a blink.

Every beach is full of sun bathers, swimmers and happy campers.

River is swarming from people who are fishing and water skiing.

I spend most of my time outside, just hanging around.
If there is not millions of mosquitoes, I also tend to sleep outdoors.

I don’t even cook indoors, if there is a chance to do it outside.

So for conclusion:

“Hotter it gets, happier I am”

Yours. “Sun bather” Jay