Butterfly or something else…

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For change you have to hide something in front of everything. She came to me and told: “No flower but also no butterfly, something between those you know?”  Well I sure do. This kinda pics are perfect for the leg of a women, it’s not massive and it looks nice… 


What a great place to work, streching was easy to do and setting up was easy to do.. Also it’s not painful area for to tattoo and almost everyone can handle it. Colors were green white mixing and also yellow. Stencil was simple to do, only outlines and right size… (9round Shader) and (7flat shader) for colors/shades. (7round liner) for outlines and I was ready to go. 

What I learned. . ?

Well for the next time I’ll maybe use little more less outlines. This kind piece also needs some different colors to outline and there it’s easier to shade back to other colors. Maybe also shades outside this pic would work nicely. It’s enough for now…
To the next learning process he goes. . .

Zodiac signs. . .

Skin Art, Tattoos

Tattoos and horoscope! 

Almost everyone has thought idea of your own sign inked to your body and why not? It’s good idea, c’mon admit it..! Myself? Nah… I’ve got so boring zodiac sign that i don’t even bother. This dude was bringing me this idea and i’m not saying it was bad but it could be better… From the world wide web came this pic, but in the end he changed it to way different one and it worked so much better! Small changes and i was thinking: “This could work”…  Let’s do it.. In the end there is no need to do bad picture if you can do better right..? it stays in skin forever! Dark mystic picture with small details I was so ready for this.

Stencil. . .

Really easy one to make this stencil, outlines, shading points, “memory” places and we’re ready to givea try.. Under shoulder he wanted so that’s were we are going, stencil-stuff under and placing in the middle of shoulder. First try and it was perfect he says… 15min to dry and in this point I will set up my place and guns, thank you very much… *Clapping* http://33.media.tumblr.com/77e1ea97a62b7041218f4f794fabfefe/tumblr_nmlag5RliY1tjfpseo2_250.gif

Making of. . .

(7Round liner) for outlines, (7Flat mg shader) for shading… Colours (Ruby red), (Snow white) and (Tribal black) in this special piece I also tried first time so called: “Outline black-ink” I started from the bottom and moved up. Shading and outlining was made at the same time, just changed tattoo-gun when needed. In shading I was using (Maori black) and water mug where I dipped needle to get the perfect grey wash and different tones. Place was shoulder and that’s one of my favorite places to tattoo, again because it’s so easy to stretch and almost painless area to tattoo.. He was taking it well and he was not a “bleeder” this picture was ready at the first shot.

It looks awesome, red was the final touch and of course all those white details. He was very happy to this tattoo and why not, it looks cool. Dark and mystical creature, right place and right person… Fits well and attitude is awesome! http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maf2klXAN71raforjo1_400.gif

What I learned. . ?

Making of that stencil, every single time I make more memory lines and stuff but more is needed. When using my “home-made” stencil-stuff I have to remember to shake it well…

And also when using this “Stencil-stuff” less is more.. It needs only small amount of stuff and it works, if too much it goes blurry and… Well big mess. Outlining and shading at the same time works perfectly in this kinda works because if you only do outlines. there is a danger to rub stencil of when shading and that I don’t like! 

Inked person position. . .

I have to say it depends so much of that what you are doing. If there is lots of things to do it’s maybe nicer to lay down than sit.. I like both, doesn’t matter at all. Perhaps littlebit easier to stretch is inked one in sitting down.

Thanks again and I’ll keep y’all posted.. BOOM!

For the name of Gotham…

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Some people loves masked heros, this one had old Bat-logo in her arm. She absolutely adores Batman and told me story about her dad. Dad is her hero and they share the “Batman-Love”… That’s how these stories are born. “Father is my hero” she said and wanted to tattoo that using some cool font and only black. I did take this little bit to the “hero-factor”… What if we do sound blast what they were using in 60’s Batman and write that “hero” part inside of it..? She loved the idea and we are ready to go, let’s see what’s coming next…

http://youtu.be/1jgE-lrfZ3k (Old Batman theme)


The only thing where stencil were used was font and outlines of that cloud… Rest were free handed.

Dad is my hero” translation “Isi on mun sankari”

Making of…

Simple little thing to do, (7Round liner and 9Round shader) no need to do shading.. Outlines and colours simple so it looks like in cartoons.


For sure I can say that cool idea from someone, and story matching ’em together can easily be something small like this. Usually I’m saying that bigger is better but not in this case. Funny part about this one was the dads reaction when he heard that story and saw this tattoo.. Those kind reactions are those what makes me happy.

To the next time people, C-YA..!

Rub it off eh..?

Skin Art, Tattoos


This time I like to share something about stencil and making of. Usually I first think what I’m able to do with stencil and what I will “Freehand” using sharpies.


When I started doing tats I was using just normal copy paper and Spirit master transfer paper…

Pretty soon from beginning I did realize that normal copy paper works on small pics and if there straight area in human body. Problems started to rise when tattooing tricky areas, paper was way too “hard” and I have to think something new and fresh. First idea was baking paper! Well that didn’t work at all… “To the paper store” Thank god there was person working who actually knew lots of things about those papers they were selling. After few choices the final one was called “silk paper” very cheap, flexible and so thin. “Perfect for my purpose”  was the first thought…

Back to studio and call to my “test human” it worked perfectly, even tricky areas because paper is so flexible.


Next problem was pencil, it had to penetrate three layers of paper to get it right. Metallic inside from normal ballpoint pen was perfect to this. Wooden pencil was not good for this use.

Wooden pencil was too soft and sharpie had same problem, some of those ballpoint pens were also not enough sharp but after while I found perfect ones…


In beginning Dettol was only thing I used. Not so long ago I crashed to a new problem. Making tattoo was going great but rubbing of the stencil was the main reason to think: “Is there any other way?”

Why not to make own, is it even possible? 

Chit-chat with other artists and I see that this is universal problem…hmm… To the worldwide web!

Home-made stencil stuff… Why not?

After searching web I did found some interesting ideas what’s worth of trying.


Mixing Dettol, melted deo-stick, 100% Aloe gel and it was ready for testing. After using this method, problem was gone. Littlebit home-made stencil-stuff and waiting about 10min stencil to dry. Stencil don’t rub of when making tattoo!!! great success!

What I learned?

This thing works like a charm but stencil has to be in right place at first try because this method will stick stencil so hard… Perfect for making portrait style pics where is lots of details. Also I started to make tattoo from down to up or side to side… Why? Well you don’t wash of the area what’s still inprogress.


To the Bat cave studio… Next time people!

To the bat cave…. Studio… Next time people!


Skin Art, Tattoos

Round and round it goes..

Somewhere must be started, first those cherry skulls..


What a beautiful flash this was. So nice to work on this piece. Old school look-alike with some small background colour drops. Colours worked perfectly on this and no need to twist em at all. Rock `n`roll attitude and music will be the header idea of this sleeve area so here we go…


Not bad to make, strong outlines like old school this kind pictures usually have. Simple to Place in arm and no shades were marked.

Making of this Project STEP.1

Stencil was marked on the skin and colours mixed. I made outlines with (9Round shader) and it worked pretty well I think. maybe (12Round Liner) would do the same but this will do for now. (9MG Shader) was todays choice for colours because picture was still bit small and tight. (9Round shader) must be used again on those paintdrops behind the cherryskulls and so I did. colour mixing was still the hardest part but it went well.

Diving bird


Next part was old school stylish diving bird. there can always be rock `n` roll but where’s the bird..? Havent you heard about the bird?!?


Simple thing to do but… there’s always a “but”... those black areas! Feathers are driving me nuts, you can’t just colour it and marking those small points is difficult. my decision: I`m gunna “swoop” those from my head and only outlines i did draw to stencil.

Making of this Project STEP.2

Background cherry skulls, something what matches with other side he says… hmm. Notes? umm.. let’s try something radical…



Some sort stencil was made… lines and turns and stuff like that you know.. Mostly “freehand” sharpie was only right way to make this happen.


Bird got details at the same time when I made those lines for background.. It`s building up slowly but will be rock `n`roll attitude in the end, i`m 100% sure about that.


Still so much stuff to do and far end of this background is… *Ta-Dum-TSS* clef! Beginning of this musical mess we`re about to finish some day.


Do I even know whats going on and did I learn something?

Yes, and I did! So many things was going on and SO many different styles i had to use. Mixing my “greywash” for example I just simply did it on the flow with black tribal ink (INTENZE) and cup of H2O. Needle to the ink-cup and dipping to the water mug to get the perfect tone for moment. BOOM!


Something for him and something for her…

Skin Art, Tattoos

Marriage dates…

Cool idea for couple who was getting married, 22.11.2013 was the date and they both liked dark blue. Fresh and cool I think, first it was meant to be bigger for him and smaller for her but when she saw it ready, decision was made..


Easy to see why, it looks rad and think how cool it`s to have matching tattoo with your love ones. Normally i would prefer smaller size with dates/names but this was close to perfection. Of course the place is nice and picture is “open” so in future there is change to add something more, like backgrounds, shades etc…

Working on this tattoo

Behind of the calf is one of my new favourite body part  to work because it`s easy to strech. You can see whole area and “Inked-one” is in good position all the time. She had thing going on with pain and that was the main reason why she took tattoo anesthetic spray before session. All colours were mixed on the flow just eye sight.. First leg was made from stencil and next one “freehanded” using first one as model. Sounds tricky eh? Well it was, if I would know that both wants the same pic, I would definitely used the same stencil. Lots of black shades were used because they wanted dark blue. (7Round liner) and (13Flat shader) were only needles I did used to make these two, colour mixing was the hardest part and copying that other leg from earlier pic… my luck was that I did draw the first one and remembered all small things.



Not so hard thing to do and transfer to skin, place was easy and only outlines I draw. One shot and it was good. I also marked those shades with yellow Sharpie so it was bit easier to make. So called “memory shades” I prefer to say. Some vaseline to the surface and we are ready to go!

What did I learn?

Surprise, surprise tattoo anesthetic spay made tattoo healing process three weeks longer than usual… THREE WEEKS!?!? Dafuq is that? She had tattoos before and only this time it was taking long six weeks to heal. Earlier tattoos she was took didn’t take that much time, but she didn’t use anesthetic at those… So my conclusion is: I`m never going to tattoo anyone who uses that spray again… EVER! Other thing was that don’t lose those stencils or sketches if there is even small change that you have to use it again. Tattoos match pretty well but it`s not reflection from the other one… Who cares, those two looks so awesome and hey… they are still married!

Tattoos LOVE is all we need, thanks for your time… To the studio!

Sealife is a lifestyle…

Skin Art, Tattoos

In to the deep blue sea..!

This one goes to one who loves sea and all around it… She had many sketches with her and all èm must be one. Shark, sunset, devil-fish, waves, turtle and everything wrapped in the seahorse tribal. To the drawing pad! This was not easy one but because she is diving in the sea for living I must dive to the paper with my pen. Gotta love those people who has that surf-attitude even little, me? nope.. Been diving keys from the bottom of public pool but that’s all, only sea where i have been swimming is Norwegian sea and that was so frigging cold…


Awesome details to do, every tiny spot needs to be in the right place. Gotta think every move so stencil won’t go off. Place set and it`s ready to go.. Had to wait some time before starting so it gets dry enough.


Here we go!

(7Round liner) and (9Round shader) only ones to use in this one. I started from the left side and made it from left to right just like a printer so i didn’t rub off the stencil when working. Really fun to do and place was good to operate, stretching was easy and everything goes smoothly. Painful area i think but not in the “pass-out” zone, not even close.

What I learned?

Next time when doing picture like this, with many details I will use even more liner… Stronger stencil stuff must be made because “rubbing off” was the main problem.