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Have you ever waited weekend anxiously…?

My working hours are always from Monday to Friday.

After long week when Friday finally arrives, you can just kick your boots in the corner and start doing things you love.

At weekends I have time to do art, play music, watch movies and spend time with fam and friends.

Sure I do these things at week days, but mainly after the hobbies and exercises.

Sleeping is really important part of life, but I have always been nocturnal being.

I don’t even remember when I have started to sleep before midnight.
Every day to me is a day with art.
I’m creating all kind art, mostly drawings.

Night time is perfect time for creativity.
My inspiration kicks in around 22pm.

In some cases I have to “kill” inspiration before I can sleep.

It’s really hard thing to do, but necessary when you’ll have to wake up early.

In perfect world, I would let my inspiration guide me trough the day.
R.F Donald
One of my favorite things to create is, R.F styled drawings for all those hot rod lovers out there.

(Rat Fink is one of several hot rod characters created by artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, one of the originators of Kustom Kulture of automobile enthusiasts. Roth conceived Rat Fink as an anti-hero to Mickey Mouse.)

Funny style to draw and it’s so close to my own style.
”Big Daddy” has always been so big influence at my work.
Back to the original idea.

I love holidays and weekends.

“Mini-holidays” has been my kind of way to survive in this chaotic world surrounding us.

To me, it takes only few hours and absolutely non jet lag when I’m turning my weekday clock to the holiday clock.
At first day, no matter if the holiday is one day or month.

I’m immediately at turn around point.

It takes zero effort to be on the other time zone.

In a blink of an eye, I can toss myself in to the road of inspiration.

If you haven’t never try it, do it!

Yours. “Inspiration junkie” Jay

Ahoy, y’all conspiracy lovers out there in the void..!

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Hear me out.
I have used Instagram for like “online” portfolio form my work.
Never have used by socializing like most of the people do, to me it’s like online portfolio playground, where I
Can easily access to the like minded artists around the globe.

Recently, around February run in to a news about the Meta offering “paid subscriptions” whatsoever.

End of the February I made this caricature and posted on my Instagram feed and tagged Mr. Zuckerberg…

That was the day when I stopped having likes of my posts.

Recent days only likes I get, are from those “horny Asian woman around your neighborhood”

I really don’t care about likes or stuff like that, but blogging from hashtag feed is just wrong man.
There is tons of artists who use hashtags to find right kind of feeds.

I have to admit, not my best work and might be little offensive, but hey!! It’s art dude, relax and live a little.

Although I’m quite proud if I got banned.
I’m happy with my Instagram feed, even if there is absolutely no likes or anything, it’s still running.
The mask


Think about that “Subscribe give me your money” system…
Almost every service uses the same.

“Do you want less adds on Spotify” or “continue watching your YouTube video” every company is using this way to rob our money.

I’m still using the “free YouTube” but I’m watching videos from the “pre watch” screen. (I’ll explain myself)

When you open the YouTube video, if you don’t click the video, it keeps running to the end.
You can even rewind video by using the slider.
Only bad thing in this method is, that you cannot hear a sound.

In my opinion, it f I have to choose video without a sound, or video SWARMING with adds, my choice is muted video.

The Jaws and….Jaws..
Let’s get back in to these drawings, hope her not offended anyway, because I ain’t saying sorry for the art.

Yesterday I watched OG-Jaws movie for a long time.

I’ve watched too many shark movies past years and I have a feeling, that there is some kind shark movie trend going on right now.
I’ve even watched a shark movie where Jason Statham karate kicked the big horrible face of Megalodon.

This first Jaws movie is weird to watch, it’s still after all these years, quite decent movie.

Only few weird moments with the original soundtrack.
The group were hunting killer shark and for some points the music was like from goofy comedy.
Almost every sound was perfect, but there is few exceptions.

Now when I have mentioned it, you will notice it.

At the caricature, if Jaws loves someone, it must be the other Jaws… ugh… this was maybe even too korny.
Pooh bear..?
Got excited about the Jaws, so next logical step was Winnie Pooh.

Definitely not the “OG” this was something else.
——> Winnie Pooh movie IMDb

My god this was something, never thought that Winnie and piglet could be so violent.

I really recommend this, even if you don’t like horror movies.

Setup of this old tale gets TWISTED big time.
I have no words, but it was entertaining.

Poor Christopher, but must say afterwards, I’m on the side of the hundred acre wood monsters.

They’re cute, in their own wicked way.

Funny thing is also that, at older age I’m finding myself cheering for the bad guys in the movies.

Suddenly all the logic of the Joker feels reasonable.
Spidey and Doc Oc
It’s like bringing old good actors from previous movies back to life.

MCU and DC did it with the multiverse and Silence of the lambs traveled back on the timeline.

Still there is one movie which haunts me.
Are you ready? Here it comes——-> MACE “motherfu*king” WINDU!!!!

Yes I know, hand was cut and he was thrown trough the window and he got shocked, but so was Luke and we never saw the body.

Perhaps he will return on the next movie franchise, I know I’m waiting for that.

Enough of this conspiracy theory, Zuck you keep blocking my feed, I’ll keep sending ‘ em crappy art on the void..

Yours. “Mentally blocked” Jay

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If you could be a character from a book or film, who would you be? Why?

ANGUS MacGyver that’s my final answer!!

You wanna know why?
Think about it, here was working or not working for some shady weird organization.

He is a kinda secret agent with a difference.

He is quiet, mild mannered, deeply principled and refuses to carry a gun on his missions.

Fortunately, the last detail is unimportant when compared to his astounding mind.

Drawing on a vast practical knowledge of science,

Macgyver is able to make use of any mundane materials around him to create unorthodox solutions to any problem he faces.

The enemies of world peace and justice continually learn that underestimating this man is a fatal mistake for their plans.


You would have the adventures of a secret Agent, while not being an actual agent and you would be armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness.

I would also carry The Desert Eagle with that pocket knife.

Yours. “Secret Agent” Jay

Educational ways of cartoons

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Have you been in situation where you quote cartoons?

I have, so many times.
Political satire in The Simpsons, Family guy and South Park is quite clever sometimes and those pressings matters are just spot on.

Many shows have their civil war episodes, political debates, even the slavery episodes.

Maybe this is the way how we teach the younger generations to understand how the world works.

It’s quite educational way of showing the old world.

Many times I’ve been saying the phrase: “I’ve learned everything about that in the episode of South Park.

Sure, have to admit that sometimes satire gets bit far out, but it’s very effective way of saying horrible things.

Even in the middle of the WW2 there were cartoons fighting among the “good guys”

To send Superman “where I’m needed most” may sound like a familiar mission, but this time it’s not the typical fighting against evil aliens or villains to protect humanity. The world renowned hero Superman is involved with the Holocaust in confrontation with the Nazis.

This of course has been only in comics but still.

Artists among the times has shown us the way how to handle hard times and horrible things.
All them toons
Maybe the cartoons are easier way to handle than for example acted play.

Sure there has been funny musical acts, where winners are kicking the ass of the bad guys and movies like The Great Dictator or The Dictator but it’s not the same, cartoons and comics are easier way of saying those things.

Underwater world
Have you ever watched this SpongeBob SquarePants?
To me this cartoon has the same problem that many new cartoons have.

It’s filled with everything moving fast and characters yelling and screaming.

There is nothing more than happening inside the utopia under the bottom of the sea.

Cartoons like this is different and I’m sure the writers are not even trying to tell you a story.

There is absolutely nothing from the media surrounding us, except the movie version where The Hoff was helping Bob and Patric.

That was clever because we all remember The Hoff from the Baywatch.
The aliens
Because cartoons and animation has so big influence on TV and movies, it makes me wondering…

Why there is so little amount of alien related animation?

There is few characters in The Simpsons, American Dad and Toy Story, but why not Predator or Aliens?
Who remembers E.T or Alf? *lifts arm

Paul was great example how easily goofy looking alien can be used in movie.
Perhaps the animation version wouldn’t be so effective.

Aliens vs Predator animation horror TV-show would be great idea!

There is so many ways to direct cartoons and animation.

Special effects and animation technology has gone so far that I can only gasp my breath.

I just watched the Avatar Way of Water, sure James made the most expensive movie of all time, but it’s great example what you can do these days.

Why not to make new Aliens movie with this technology?


I have watched many cartoons/animations and learned so many great things while doing it.
I love cartoons and I’m proud of it.

Yours. “Animation lover” Jay

Time to SCREAM… again..Ugh..

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There was a time when I indeed, was excited about the ghosts face movies, but not anymore.
Franchise has ruined it for me.

Every time there is group of people and one of them is killer for some reason, then the whole movie is trying to make you guess which one is the murderer.

This means, if you’re about to watch a Scream movie, don’t get too excited about the plot, only plot is to make everyone look like suspect.

Of course Scary movie did the rest.
If I see the ghost face, I just wait when he/she stumbles to furnitures.

Same thing with M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Don’t get me wrong, his movies are great, but in the beginning you already know that something will turn the plot upside down in the end.

Kinds party stopper when you just wait that for the whole movie.

Scream movies are doing it with characters, Shamyalan is doing it with the whole movie set.
Spooky group
Even when I’m drawing horror characters, I’d like to put the ghost face in the same bucket with the 
others, but it’s impossible.

All I can imagine is the ghost face running down the stairs while piano is falling down and grandma afterwards.

I will watch even the new Scream, but I ain’t using any money for it.

It’s a big “nah” for theater to me.
Killing in the name of..
This is more like it!
The way I see this furious killer, is the way how Scary movie introduced me.
Ghost Face puffing a joint with Shorty and “killing time”
When this face turned other way, it’s so much more fun.

Ghost face with “Scary movie vibes” gives the whole new point of view in drawings.

So many times I have turned all those horror movie characters into something funny, but this one… OMG it works like a charm.

So many flash sheet I have drawn where Ghost face is lurking behind the lollipop.
Art transformation
Perhaps this character could be used in every art around, not like in the whistlers mom, but Mona lisa and the others.
This could be the next big thing for me.

Maybe I start making copies of famous artists and adapt the Ghost face in them?

Back to the movie.

What if?
The next Scream movie wouldn’t just do the same idea again?
Maybe it would be time to change.


Next scream story could be a crossover with Evil dead.

Someone wants to use the Necronomicon to wake up and demonize the Ghost face killer.

After this crossover movie, you could make so many sequels as you like.
There ain’t no way to kill the evil among us.

Think about it, Jason, Freddy, Myers, Art the clown…
Maybe Ghost face would be better and hit scarier with demonic possession.

Sure know that I would not think about him/her stumbling on the IKEA furniture.
It’s me Mario
On the other news.
Mario brothers is on theater right now.

I think that actually movie version would be so much cooler.
Ron Jeremy could be the leading role?

Take that Mr. Shamyalan and try to turn it upside down.

Yours. “Screamer Jay”

“Long Friday” aka “Good Friday” aka “Friyay!

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I’ve learned something today, quite funny thing.

The name of the Easter Friday in Finland is called by name “pitkä perjantai” (long Friday) and it comes from the Swedish translation “långfredag”

Back in the days it has been called “Long Friday” in England, but over the years the name have adapted to the “Good Friday”

Many Romance languages, Neo-Latin and Latin languages it’s called “holy Friday” like in France “Vendredi saint” and in Germany “Karfreitag” this actually highlights the word “Kar” which is old Germany and means sorrow.

Slavic languages uses the “great Friday”
For example, in Estonia it’s “suur reede”

So many ways to say it, but “Good Friday” works for me.

Perhaps in the time the name will change to the “Perfect Friday” or maybe even to “AWESOME FRIDAY”

I prefer the “EPIC FRIYAY!” *woop woop

If I do remember right the meaning off this day has something to do with the one who died on the cross.
Even the church color today is BLACK.
In the church they use to assemble five roses to the altar, symbolizing the blood of the Christ.

After all it’s the day of joy, because all the sins are gone…

I’m not quite sure about that anymore, but hey… what do I know.

I just got stuck with name of the day.

Let’s move on to the caricatures of the day.
Hello America!
This got me laughing literally my ass off!

Mr. Bean though that giving the finger in the traffic is all American way to say hello.
That movie was so entertaining and fun.

If you stopped wondering about the clown on the featured image, it’s called “Nasse-Uncle”
When I was young, he was on TV, quite drunk, swearing and shouting to the kids.
He was saying: “Nasse-Uncle is very, very angry”
That imitating look and violent behavior felt funny when you were a kid, trying to understand the world of adults.

Clowns might be funny, but these days they are most likely on the killing spree, that’s why I added the knife and darker twist on this caricature.

Actor is no longer with us, Rest In Peace.
Renny Harlin
Next we have one of the best action directors of the time.
I remember when the Gliffhanger movie hit to the theater.

I’ve never felt so excited in the movies, watching someone just climbing on the mountain.

There was one big Gliffhanger-movie prop show, where you could see the plane they used in the movie, all kind of cool gadgets and stuff from the film.
There was even a painting which was in the movie and tour guy told that Mr. Stallone had paint it himself.
I never forget the moment where special effects guy showed how those bullet holes are made to the airplane.
I even touched the parachute they used at the film.

Renny has directed so many great movies and his way of making action movies is unique.
Hopefully he will get the next big movie noticed big time.
Slash from the Snakepit
He is the man who gets recognized just by the hat!

I’m listening Slash <——-Check it out!

I must say, I’m big fan of Slash.
I’ve just finished reading the autobiography of him and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested about the rock ‘n’ roll.

Life of that man has been an epic roller coaster, with so many unbelievable turns.
He is the man who knows everyone and everyone knows him.

I watched one concert clip, where Slash were playing with B.B King and in some point Mr. King watched to the Slash like: “Wow, kid got skills”
I mean come on… B.B King himself.

There is also one video of Slash playing epic guitar solo with Michael Jackson.
If you haven’t seen that video, stop everything you are doing right now and open YouTube.

Write “Slash solo Michael Jackson” you won’t regret, I promise you that.

That’s all for the day, enjoy your Saturday and rock on!

Yours. “Wonderer Jay”

Bring me the funny stuff!

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Humor is my fuel, my petrol, my benzine!

When I draw something and try to make it look beautiful or normal, it so hard for me.

Almost every time there is something goofy or insulting in the picture.

I have always enjoyed comedy and especially in the art.

When I was a kid, I made lots of those scrapbooking stylish posters, where famous cartoons characters did something disgusting or illegal, if it’s belittled, probably it works just fine.. not my motto on the time, but close enough.
Winter fun!
You can find so much funny things from internet, but it takes time, bit too much time I have to say.

Once I did have a Twitter account and boy oh boy, my feed was full of useless memes and pictures.
Followed everyone tweeting something goofy about anything.
Also art and movies were my interest.

By the end of the year, didn’t use it anymore, logged out for good.
Too much is enough.

Social services like Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok, tried to take my precious time.

This is the reason why I don’t use them, I do have Instagram but mostly for portfolio of my works.

All people around the world share so much.
They are good finders of those unbelievable funny memes and stuff.

They just keep “passing” the funniest shit and keep you entertained forever.
(Sounds like hell, but it’s funnier)

If you haven’t noticed, when wiping the screen down, it never reaches to the bottom. (Surprise)

I don’t like people that much, that I would tell about my day, or when I’m sick, or when I’m walking in the park.

I can show you my art and passion, that’s all. (Follow if you like)

It’s like writing this blog, there is a handful of people reading this mambo-jambo, sometimes I do ask for myself: “why?” maybe it is interesting, I do not know.

I’m also reading many blogs and it is entertaining to read, but that’s my reason, that’s my “why?”

After all, I’m writing because I like it and I can show off my art.
Sometimes it’s so hard to understand those who watch their multimedia devices all day.

If your screen time is more than 7 hours and you think it’s normal, I can tell you it’s not... or maybe it is, I don’t know which is normal anymore.

Maybe I’m old fashioned in that way, but I like to read books, make arts, handcrafts, jewelry, music, spend less time in socializing.
Sure I like to meet people and talk, but with devices? Nah..

I just don’t have the time for social media and let’s be honest, I really don’t care when you have a coffee, or cleaning day.

Still on the other hand, many people do have that time.

Like I said, maybe I am old fashioned.
Winnie the belzepooh
Can’t say anything about the youths, younger generations.

Kinda hard to understand what kind of world do they live.

Most of those 18 years old “adults” have lived their lives with media devices.

Many of them have been silenced as a kid with those machines.

Hard to judge, if your whole life has been around em.

When I was a kid, we had TV… guess what, I still have TV.
I’ve been playing games (board and TV) since I was preschool and guess what, I still play games.

Now I could just be guessing, but older generations did not use money, they had to save every dime.
Guess what, they still don’t buy anything.

Times change, better try to keep up.
Do art, read, enjoy your life.. it’s the only one you have!

Yours. “Life coaching hobo” Jay